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Driving for Change: PCONN’s Mission to Impact Prison Visitation

PCONN—an innovative rideshare app addressing the challenges faced by families with incarcerated loved ones.

Meet the founders of PCONN, husband-and-wife duo, Michael Marshall, and Charlotte Curry. Michael and Charlotte are driving to pave the way for change with their innovative new rideshare app. The first of its kind app, aimed at addressing the challenges of families impacted by incarceration.

When Michael, who is originally from Baltimore, MD, and former resident of Charlotte, NC, found himself sentenced to 10.5 years in federal prison, the husband and wife duo, like many families who have a loved one incarcerated, found visitation to be extremely challenging for a myriad of reasons. Little did they know their personal journey would take an unexpected turn and their pain points would inspire revolutionary technology.

The couple witnessed first-hand the prison and jail-imposed barriers as well as the tremendous hardship that families endured due to incarceration. They also understood the vital role prison visitation could play in helping to mitigate the negative impacts for both the inmate and their loved ones. For the next 8 years, they both made it their mission to promote prison visitation to anyone with an incarcerated loved one.

PCONN, a community-driven rideshare app designed for families with incarcerated loved ones, offers users the choice to be either drivers or passengers, creating a supportive network for those facing similar challenges, unique to families impacted by incarceration. This community-centric approach is what sets PCONN apart from traditional transportation services.


To test the app’s viability and gather user feedback, Michael and Charlotte initiated PCONN’s beta test in Texas and Pennsylvania. This was a strategic choice aimed to assess the app’s performance in both widespread and proximate prison locations. The insights gained from this test phase will contribute to refining and improving the overall user experience.


As the CEO of PCONN, Charlotte’s role goes beyond the first unofficial PCONN driver, she is the driving force behind its success. As the unintended first driver-employee for PCONN, Charlotte would often drive friends and people she met while visiting Michael for over a decade to see their loved ones. Now more than 10 years later, her experiences combined with Michael’s vision and masterful execution skills has turned an idea into a reality and is expected to revolutionize both the rideshare business model and prison advocacy.


Looking ahead, the power couple envisions PCONN disrupting the prison industry by offering a comprehensive range of 360 services. From pre-prep classes for those facing incarceration to post-release support, PCONN aims to tackle the most challenging issues within the prison ecosystem. The two understands the work ahead of them and how prison visitation, along with strong partnerships and collaborations can play a pivotal role to in raising awareness and providing holistic support to families affected by incarceration.


In closing, Michael and Charlotte share a poignant message of resilience and determination, urging readers to turn their passion into purpose. Their journey from incarceration to creating PCONN serves as a testament to the strength of the human spirit. PCONN stands not just as a rideshare app but as a testament to the power of collaboration and the impact a determined couple can have in revolutionizing prison visitation.


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