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Driving Business Value: A DevOps Engineer’s 360̊ Contribution in Achieving Organizational Goals


In the cast realm of technology, the harmonization of technical methodologies with corporate aspirations often appears as an enigmatic pursuit. Yet, in this intricate landscape, Sarthak Srivastava, a seasoned Senior DevOps Engineer at VISA Inc., has consistently demonstrated the potent capacity of DevOps in steering business value and propelling an organization toward its coveted objectives.

DevOps transcends the realm of mere tools or practice as it embodies a philosophy that acts as a bridge between the domains of development and operations. It underscores the significance of collaboration, automation, and integration. “In my extensive experience, the true essence of DevOps lies in its capability to synchronize technical procedures with the requisites of business. When development and operations teams unite in a concerted effort, organizations reap the rewards of expedited release cycles, diminished downtimes, and, most significantly, the creation of products that resonate with end-users.” Srivastava explained.

Throughout his tenure at VISA Inc., he has been privy to the transformative influence of DevOps practices on operational workflows. A substantial portion of his illustrious 6+ years in this domain has been dedicated to fostering a culture wherein continuous integration and continuous deployment become the standard. Resulting in a reduction in time-to-market, optimization of resource utilization, and an augmentation of customer satisfaction.

“DevOps is not a one-size-fits-all doctrine. It revolves around comprehending the unique challenges within an organization, identifying bottlenecks, and subsequently harnessing the appropriate tools and methodologies to address them.” He stated. “While tools such as Docker and Ansible play pivotal roles, they are but integral components of a much broader mechanism. The true magic emerges from their astute application in furtherance of corporate objectives.” He added.

As Srivastava was actively engaged in the design and deployment of applications on the AWS stack, ensuring unwavering high availability, fault tolerance, and auto-scaling, infrastructural resilience directly translated into business value, whether it be manifested through diminished operational expenses, enriched user experiences, or enhanced scalability.

His research paper “Optimization of cloud-based applications using DevOps”, encapsulated years of hands-on experience, offering profound insights into the tangible challenges faced by organizations and how DevOps can surmount them. The accolades that he has received, including the prestigious Tech Mahindra Bravo Award, serve as a testament to the palpable impact of these contributions on the triumphant trajectory of the organization.

In the contemporary milieu, businesses navigate through an array where market demands undergo rapid metamorphosis. Organizations that fail to adapt with agility risk slipping into obsolescence. “Within this risky terrain, DevOps emerges not merely as a technical requisite but as an indispensable business imperative and as a DevOps engineer one has to firmly believe that the role further expands into the confines of code merges or server configurations.” He explained. In many ways, it serves as the linchpin, ensuring that technology aligns harmoniously with the broader narrative of business.

Conclusively, by seamlessly integrating DevOps practices into the fabric of an organization, businesses can successfully achieve a dual objective, the pursuit of technical excellence and the alignment of strategic pursuits with overarching business objectives. As the odyssey of digital transformation unfolds, DevOps stands poised as the most steadfast ally in this transformative journey.

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