DriveSmart Warranty Offers Road Trip and Extended Car Warranty Advice

Extended Car Warranty Advice

Embarking on a road trip can be hugely exciting. However, road trips can also be a source of worry. For example, what happens if you experience trouble with your vehicle while making your journey?

Thankfully, at DriveSmart Warranty, we’re here to alleviate such worries. To demonstrate, we’ve put together just a small handful of pieces of advice. This advice simultaneously covers road trips and the importance of extended car warranties, starting with embracing flexibility.

Embrace the flexibility

DriveSmart Warranty believes that road trips should be all about flexibility. With that, there shouldn’t be too much need to set every detail of your journey in stone. Simply decide on your destination, agree on a budget, plan a rough route, and away you go!

Remember to focus on things like eating local. Any road trip is an excellent opportunity to try the local cuisine, with every state offering something unique to tempt your taste buds as you head toward your destination. With that, avoid fast food joints and gas stations, opting instead for local restaurants, diners, and food trucks.

Respect the law

Wherever you’re traveling, it’s of the utmost importance to respect the law at all times. Before setting off on your road trip, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the laws that apply in any state you’ll be traveling through.

Both in terms of motoring and, more generally, each state’s laws are likely to vary. So, be mindful of these and other regulations, whether on or off the road.

Lock in warranty coverage

Before setting off, it’s advisable to ensure that your vehicle has the necessary warranty coverage. Drive Smart Warranty highly recommends equipping your car or truck with a warranty at least 30 days before the start of your trip. That way, you’re covered in the event of any number of mechanical breakdowns or other vehicle failures.

With a DriveSmart warranty, our team will take care of you, your vehicle, and your passengers wherever you are in the United States.

Enjoy yourself!

With the peace of mind of a DriveSmart warranty, you’re free to enjoy yourself and your road trip. Remember to take in the culture of each place you travel through. After all, a road trip should be fun and not a chore. To ensure you don’t miss anything, consider making a list of sights, attractions, and other things to do before heading off.

But not before locking in that all-important extended warranty! With a DriveSmart policy, your vehicle is comprehensively covered from start to finish. And that doesn’t just include auto repairs. Because at DriveSmart, we also pay for your brake pads, fluid flushes, oil changes, and more.

In addition to paying, in full, for parts, labor, and diagnostics, we’re also here to offer support. The DriveSmart team is ready and excited to assist you, including when it comes to towing, loaner vehicles, lockout assistance, and more. That extends to covering hotel costs if your car or truck breaks down away from home, such as during a road trip.

Don’t have a Drive Smart Warranty policy yet? No problem! Check out Why DriveSmart? to find out more, or visit the DriveSmart homepage to get a no-obligation, one-click quote in seconds.

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