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Drink R7 Signs Transformation Specialist and Life Coach Lynch Hunt to R7 National Ambassador Team

R7 energy drink today announced the signing of Lynch Hunt to its national ambassador team. Based in North Carolina, Lynch is the founder of AWOL Fitness and cofounder of Resultz Nutritional Supplements.

“I am proud to represent the R7 brand. The company has formulated a product that delivers high-performance key ingredients to consumers in and out of the gym, keeping them energized and focused without harmful chemicals,” said Hunt.

The decision to team up with Hunt was based on his natural fit for the R7 central market: consumers who value their health and overall wellness. Hunt is a proven motivational speaker and life coach focused on helping people achieve their greatest potential. That core group is the heart and soul of the R7 brand — pushing boundaries to excel in all areas of life.

R7 wants to get the word out about “better-for-you” options within the energy drink category. The brand knows that general consumers, not just athletes, are looking for healthier and more sustainable energy drinks as health and wellness trends continue to arise.

R7 is specially formulated using a combination of unique ingredients: green coffee beans, L-theanine, adaptogens, L-carnitine, select B vitamins, and pure electrolytes. This premium, high-efficiency product is positioned as a “better-for-you” option in the energy drink market, worth $30 billion. R7 is available in three robust flavors: Lightning Lemon Lime, Orbit Orange, and Midnight Rush (grape). All three flavors are on sale now at

R7 is uniquely crafted, delivering a quick energy boost and sustained, clean energy powered by L-theanine and adaptogens that improve cognitive function. R7 focuses on providing consumers with a delightful-tasting beverage that will not make them crash or experience jitters. It is designed to repair, replenish, and restore your body so that you are ready for your next exertion. Follow R7 online at

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