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Drink In Mansion: The New Crypto Punk for those Who Love a Drink

Drink In Mansion (DIM) is a blockchain-based collection of 3650 “Drink” icon NFTs, which are one-of-a-kind digital collectibles. The “Drink” icon also serves as a digital key to unlock the mega-mansion in real life. It also has certain exclusive goodies available just to Drinkers. DIM was founded by four individuals, each with their own set of skills, and the concept arose from the void. Purin thinks it’s cool, so he asks Pizza man, who responds with “doable” twice in 10 seconds, resulting in the DIM project’s launch. 

The project wants the chosen Drinker to become the world’s next big thing. Making “Drink” a widespread word in this century and incorporating it into the NFT’s history book. Each “Drink” is one-of-a-kind, with over 120 potential attributes, such as type, background, eyes, hands, nose, mouth, and accessories, all of which are programmatically produced. In the fridge, all of the drinks are hand-drawn and very cold. Because the glass is opaque, users will have to guess which flavor they will get.

On the Ethereum blockchain, the “Drink” is kept as ERC-721 tokens and hosted on IPFS. During the whitelist section, buying and “drinking” costs 0.09 ETH. Only drinkers get access to the VIP Lounge. To show they’re intoxicated, drinkers will have to log into their cryptocurrency wallets.

The majority of present NFT projects simply provide you with digital assets or the opportunity to double your money. After a few months, it will be obsolete or lose its worth. We don’t want that to happen, therefore we’ll provide you all of the benefits that other initiatives provide, plus the added bonus of owning a real REAL ESTATE. Our advantage includes, of course, private events, hidden parties, and gifts for Drinkers alone.

The NFT bar is here to serve you

When users buy a “Drink,” they are not only getting an avatar or a piece of art that’s shown to be rare. They are in fact obtaining exclusive drinking access to VIP-Lounge, which will grow in perks and offerings over time. Users’ “Drink” can double as both a digital identity and a KEY to unlock a REAL mansion door. 

In the first fridge, there are 3650 “Drink” icon NFTs. In the fridge, there will be ten various sorts of drinks, each representing a different mansion throughout the world. The lounge will open on January 1, 2023, and will feature everything you can think of. There’s a reservation system, a private store, a drunken garden, and even a lottery event for our Drink. Depending on how many “Drink” you hold will represent how many days you can stay in your mansion. And the days of use will be reset each year.

The DIM presents itself as a pub/bar community in the decentralized space providing crypto boost drinks during the lows and highs of the crypto market space and the progress of the metaverse. Traders, collectors, players, and everyone else in the metaverse can get a jolt of good luck as they navigate through the decentralized environment. The primary purpose of this project is to demonstrate that anything is possible in the metaverse and NFT realm while also forming a community in the process. Join the pub and get a drink. Each drink has its own set of characteristics.

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