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Dried Honey Market Is Projected To Be Appraised At US$ 1,720 Million By 2032 | FMI

The market for dried honey is anticipated to grow from US$ 780 million in 2022 to US$ 1,720 million in 2032, growing at a CAGR of 7.9% between 2022 and 2032. The demand for dried honey is being driven by the health advantages of eating it and growing knowledge of these benefits. 

Additionally, as customers turn more and more toward organic items to reduce their consumption of products that have undergone chemical processing, dried honey sales are also on the rise. As a result, a large number of suppliers in the beauty and personal care sectors favor using honey goods like dry honey, increasing the market share for dried honey overall. 

One of the best sources of energy, honey also strengthens the immune system, and it provides the same effect when consumed in dried form. A powdered version of honey is dried honey. When used as a flavoring, dry honey amplifies, complements, and improves the flavors of the ingredients. 

Longer shelf life than raw honey, affordability, preservation of food consistency, and recognition as the finest sugar substitute are some of the factors influencing the market’s expansion. However, issues with drying that are either too fast or too slow as well as the lack of pure honey are obstacles that could stunt market expansion. 

Increasing consumer demand for healthy products has led to an increase in the use of dry honey in a variety of industries. 

Due to the benefits, dry honey has over normal liquid honey, such as longer shelf life, and ease of transport and storage, among other things, there has been an increase in interest in dry honey over the past several years. 

More and more foodservice providers are substituting dried honey for conventional sweeteners in their products because it is more affordable than conventional honey and other sweeteners. The personal care and cosmetics industries are responsible for a large increase in demand for dried honey. Dried honey is increasingly being used in a variety of cosmetic and personal care products, which is significantly boosting the industry. 

Market Study for Dried Honey by Region 

With more than 500,000 tonnes of honey produced in China in 2017, the market for dried honey in the Asia Pacific region has very high growth potential. Natural honey is produced in large quantities throughout India as well. In the coming years, the Asia Pacific dried honey market may experience significant growth. With the inclusion of dried honey in more personal care and cosmetic products as well as various health foods due to a rising interest in health-improving foods among people, the market in North America also appears to be promising. 

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