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DressMyCrib: Pioneering the AR-Powered Marketplace for Rugs

DressMyCrib: Pioneering the AR-Powered Marketplace for Rugs

DressMyCrib connects rug designers with buyers worldwide through the magic of Augmented Reality. Brace yourselves for the unveiling of DressMyCrib’s groundbreaking Augmented Reality technology, infused with the power of Artificial Intelligence, which ensures that customers can finally find the rug of their dreams, while sellers enjoy a seamless selling experience.

Here’s how DressMyCrib works its enchantment:

  • Rug designers and resellers can effortlessly showcase their products on the DressMyCrib marketplace, completely free of charge.
  • Buyers can now upload images of their rooms to DressMyCrib’s secure server, opening the doors to endless possibilities.
  • Each and every rug is transformed into Augmented Reality, granting buyers the ability to browse through an extensive collection of available rugs and visualize how they would adorn their living spaces.
  • Once the perfect rug has been discovered, buyers can make a direct purchase from the seller, eliminating any unnecessary intermediaries. introduces an entirely new realm of commerce for rug designers, resellers, and buyers alike. Gone are the days when shoppers were confined to Amazon, Etsy, or Wayfair listings. With DressMyCrib, the marketplace expands daily with the addition of over 100 rugs, making it the largest rug haven in the world.

Prepare for a revolution in the realm of online shopping for home furnishings. Thanks to DressMyCrib, the likelihood of customers returning rugs diminishes significantly since they can now visualize their chosen pieces within their own homes. This breakthrough minimizes the risk of tedious and costly returns for both buyers and sellers.

Giedrius Morkunas, the visionary Founder of DressMyCrib, elucidates, “DressMyCrib empowers rug designers and retailers to showcase their creations on our marketplace at no cost. Meanwhile, customers can revel in the ability to visualize their prospective rugs within their very own abodes, all thanks to the remarkable technologies of AR and AI. By bridging this gap, buyers can confidently make their purchases, while sellers can revel in a newfound certainty. We are truly opening up a world of possibilities for innovative designers and discerning buyers. Rugs are just the beginning; our ultimate aim is for DressMyCrib to be the go-to destination for home décor enthusiasts worldwide.”


DressMyCrib stands as the unrivaled home décor marketplace that brings all its products to life through Augmented Reality. The DressMyCrib solution offers consumers a unique shopping experience by seamlessly integrating the marvels of AR and AI technologies, granting them the ability to envision their desired items in the sanctity of their own homes. With this project, DressMyCrib wants to accomplish three main goals:

  1. Make the choosing a Rug process more convenient. You buy an item online that you think will fit great in your home, but it simply doesn’t look right when it arrives. Our AI-powered augmented reality marketplace enables you to see how any product would sit in your home before you buy, ending these terrible stories.
  2. Enable artists to present their work to a broader audience. If you are an independent Rug Designer, getting proper attention for your new piece of art might be challenging. All artists can add their rugs to our marketplace for free.
  3. Reduce the amount of air pollutants emitted. On average, customers return 30% of their online Furnishing purchases and 9% of items bought from physical shops. With the ability to see the product at home before the purchase, Dressmycrib will help to reduce the number of product returns.

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