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DREO Announces Inaugural Appearance At CES 2024 Showcasing Future Innovations

DREO to show innovative smart product ecosystem

DREO to show innovative smart product ecosystem aimed at creating comfortable lives, highlighting award-winning kitchen appliances and a new drink & beverage series.

Clifton, New Jersey – January 9, 2024 – DREO, a rising smart home brand pioneering AIOT appliances in the air comfort and kitchen categories, today announces it will be exhibiting at this year’s CES 2024 show in Las Vegas for the first time. This move shows DREO’s commitment to share its company vision of bringing seamless, intuitive, and immersive ‘products to a wider consumer audience and gives attendees a peak at the future products and innovations that will power the next generation of home products developed by DREO. 

Highlighting the exhibition is DREO’s award-winning ChefMaker combi fryer which stands out for exemplifying DREO’s brand vision with its unique patented CombiCook™  technology and has won praise for combining and simplifying multiple cooking methods into a compact, countertop cooking unit that can bring the finest gourmet dining right to your kitchen.

“We are excited to share DREO’s vision focused on helping people aspire to want more integrated and comfortable home environments,” said Joshua Gunn, the vice president of DREO. “Our booth at CES aims to create an experience where attendees can get a sense of our product and design approach and awaken their passion for our intuitive smart home tech,” he added. 

DREO is a fast-rising name in home appliances and has experienced record growth in recent years by making stellar home products from fans to air purifiers and beyond. DREO’s ChefMaker’s Kickstarter campaign earlier this year crossed the $1 million milestone within only 24 hours and secured the top position as the most successful kitchen appliance campaign of the year. Later in the following 5 months, ChefMaker sold over 15,000 units across all channels. This success story reflects ChefMaker’s consumer appeal and the trust DREO has garnered among consumers. 

In the past three years, DREO has sold over 5 million devices across the United States, with plans to expand its retail presence to over 6000 stores, including major retailers like Walmart, Target, and Best Buy by H1 of 2024. In 2022, DREO was awarded one of “America’s Best Home & Garden Brands”. DREO aims to use its presence at CES to bolster its global expansion strategy, which aims to bring its cutting-edge smart home appliances to more households worldwide, reaffirming its commitment to making advanced technology accessible to families on a global scale.

DREO to show innovative smart product ecosystem

The pillar of DREO’s success is its product design philosophy focused on deploying proprietary technologies that redefine user experiences and create more comfortable home environments. Each product category is meticulously imbued with DREO’s deep understanding of product development.  

DREO’s fans are powered by their Turbosilent technology for powerful, quiet breezes, and at the core of their space heaters is DREO’s Hyperamics heating technology, which delivers heat instantly. Just introduced this fall, DREO’s humidifier lineup is powered by DREO’s MistWave technology which sets a new standard for moisture dispersion. The groundbreaking CombiCook™ technology at the heart of the ChefMaker has helped reshape home culinary precision, by effortlessly executing sequential cooking steps to achieve the perfect balance of doneness, juiciness, and aroma. 

DREO to show innovative smart product ecosystem

DREO is teasing a new home milk frother, which marks the first product in DREO’s drink & beverage series. DREO’s milk frother revolutionizes home coffee by mimicking baristas’ techniques, achieving commercial-level froth quality at home. Its patented propeller efficiently blends milk foam, whipping it twice as effectively as standard frothers, while creating a smoother texture with foam diameters far finer than the 1-2mm norm for the perfect texture and look.

Looking ahead to 2024, DREO also aims to enhance its air comfort category with its brand new MultiComfort series, within which all the products will be multi-functional. The first product of the series, a 2-in-1 purifier tower fan, will boast dual-drive, hybrid dual-motor air delivery to generate faster wind speeds, and 10% more air volume ensuring highly efficient air purification trapping over 99.97% of 0.3-micron particles, from dust and pollen to pet dander and smoke. DREO is planning to bring its technology and innovations to the ceiling fan category as well later in 2024, continuing to extend its dedication to bringing proprietary innovations that not only redefine product excellence but also aim to set new benchmarks in enhancing daily living standards while simplifying technology.

DREO to show innovative smart product ecosystem

Experience DREO’s innovative tech and new products at their booth at CES 2024 (Venetian Expo, Halls A-D — Booth 50339 — Smart Home). For more information, visit the DREO website (, or follow DREO on Facebook or Instagram.  For media inquiries, please contact at


DREO is a modern home appliance brand seeking to redefine the way we interact with our homes. With a unique philosophy that brings cutting-edge technology and elegant design to the air comfort and kitchen appliance segments, DREO has become the choice of over 10 million users. Our ultimate ambition is to inspire simple yet extraordinary home experiences through modern and sustainable innovation.

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