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Drawing On The iPad – How To Paint Little Works Of Art!

Drawing On The iPad - How To Paint Little Works Of Art!

Do you want to draw on your iPhone, and are you looking for the right app? Then this article is just right for you.

Apple has been improving the drawing options on the iPad for some time now. Even if a pen and paper were the only accurate drawing tools for much of human history, the iPad now has equal competition. In this article, you will find out what needs to be considered and which are the best apps for drawing.

Draw on the iPad – these apps are the most popular!

If you want to draw on the iPad, you probably can’t avoid a corresponding app. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user, various apps in the App Store are worth a look. Here we give you an overview of the most popular apps for the iPad. You can enjoy sites like liveleak to know what’s going on around you.


The pigment app ranks as the #1 drawing app for iPad in many ways. Here you can find many creative suggestions in more than 1000 different illustrations, which you can further process with your ideas. In addition, the cooperation with the apple pencil is impeccable, so all the advantages of the pencil can be exploited.

Astropad :

The astropad app is also one of the apps that are highly recommended for drawing on the iPad. A lot of value was placed on the technical implementation of an excellent feeling for drawing. The commands are implemented with lightning speed using the apple pencil. It makes drawing on the iPad even more accurate!


Paper is the traditional way to draw on the iPad. In the free version, you already have everything you need to remove. The pro version offers a few more functions you probably don’t need in the first step. Azpeople is the best platform to get employee login and registration.

Adobe fresco :

The free app from adobe is optimized for drawing and painting with the iPad. With so-called live brushes, watercolours and oils behave like accurate colours – they flow and react with each other.

Sketchbook :

Sketchbook offers a variety of drawing tools, such as pens, markers, airbrushes, wiping techniques, and more. The drawing experience feels excellent with sketchbook, of course too.

Procreate :

This app offers ultra-high definition canvases and an intuitively designed interface. Hundreds of brushes ensure that you can draw a real work of art on your iPad. The app saves the intermediate status regularly.

Pixelmator :

For a long time, this app was the cheap alternative to photoshop. However, today pixelmator is a complete drawing app for iPad that offers all the essential functions you need for drawing. Especially as a beginner, you will certainly get along well with the app.

Affinity photo :

If you’re a bit more demanding, you should check out affinity photo. Over 100 self-designed brushes are waiting for you in this app. Thanks to the designed interface, drawing on the iPad is fun.

Draw on the iPad with a pen – this is how you connect the apple pencil!

Even if you could draw with one finger on an iPad, your results won’t be nearly as successful as using a stylus to draw on an iPad. This particular pen from apple is the apple pencil. This drawing pen makes the drawing experience on the iPad even more impressive. In most cases, you’ll need to get the apple pencil in addition to your iPad. The second generation of the apple pencil is usually available for less than 135 euros. You can download Mac studio wallpaper right now for your Mac.

To be able to use the apple pencil, all you have to do is pair it with your iPad. And it goes like this:

  • You should make sure that your apple pencil model works with your iPad
  • Charge the apple pencil by attaching it magnetically to the side of your iPad (2nd generation) or by charging it with the lightning connector via a charging adapter (1st generation)
  • To pair a second-generation apple pencil, it is also sufficient to connect the pencil to the iPad via the magnetic connection on the side of the iPad. If, on the other hand, you want to join a first-generation apple pencil, you pull off the cap on the end of the pencil and connect the pencil to the lightning connector on your iPad using the lightning adapter. Then tap the pair button when it appears.

The apple pencil stays paired with the iPad until the iPad is restarted, airplane mode is activated, or another pencil is paired with your iPad.

Why is drawing on the iPad so popular?

Tablet manufacturers have made digital drawing possible in recent years, and the technology is constantly expanding to improve the drawing experience, results, and functions. On the one hand, this is due to ever-higher resolution and more powerful screens, and the possible processing steps functions are also becoming more unusual and better.

Even if many high-ranking artists swear by working with pen and paper, drawing on the iPad can certainly have many advantages for the average population. It makes it much easier for many beginners to draw on the iPad. It is mainly because there are many functions to undo unwanted lines and dashes or draw straight lines. It’s not easy on paper because you can never undo a mistake 100%, even with an eraser. It can be done with one click on the iPad.

The iPad also did well in the practical test since you can draw anywhere with the iPad. Even in strong winds, when your drawing paper would otherwise fly in your face, you can draw with your iPad in peace. When you pull on the iPad, all drawings are immediately digitized. It means you can easily save, send and process your pictures in various ways. In addition, drawing with the iPad is no paper waste, so the ecological aspect is also positively influenced.


Even if it takes some time to draw very well on the iPad, drawing beginners, in particular, make rapid progress. The innumerable possibilities and functions allow you to arouse your creativity while having a lot of fun. Are you interested in the topic, or do you have any questions? Then please write us a comment.

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