Dr. Virginia Von Schaefer’s Path to Integrative Oncology

Dr. Virginia Von Schaefer

Similar to many others, Dr. Virginia Von Schaefer’s journey with oncology began in 2011 with the diagnosis of a loved one: her sister. As she watched her undergo the traditional, three-pronged approach to oncology of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, Dr. Von Schaefer felt as though the conventional route lacked elements which could be incorporated to provide better health outcomes. It was this realization, combined with her 30 years of medical experience in vascular and trauma surgery, which inspired Dr. Von Schaefer to pursue integrative medicine.

Exploring Integrative Medicine

Integrative medicine combines natural, traditional, and alternative therapies to target all factors contributing to disease. In addition to utilizing the efficacious aspects of traditional medicine, integrative medicine seeks to understand and treat the patient as a whole and treat the root causes, rather than a set of symptoms. By developing both a comprehensive, in-depth understanding of each patient’s cellular make-up as well as creating a deep personal connection to each of her patients, Dr. Virginia Von Schaefer is able to create a plan of action which helps remedy not only the illness, but the underlying physical, mental, and spiritual factors which may have contributed to it.

Honing Expertise & Knowledge

One of Dr. Von Schaefer’s many fields of expertise is the treatment of underlying and surreptitious infections. In today’s society, viruses such as Epstein-Barr Virus or chronic Lyme disease are often disregarded by traditional practitioners due to their lack of treatment options. However, as a result of her many years of studying biochemistry and cell biology, added to her connections with physicians all over the world, Dr. Von Schaefer has been able to discover and effectively utilize therapies, such as the Supportive Oligonucleotide Technique (SOT) therapy, to target chronic illnesses in ways conventional medicine cannot.

Dr. Virginia Von Schaefer

In her many years of practice, Dr. Von Schaefer has treated hundreds of patients with numerous different cancers and illnesses, from Stage IV triple negative breast cancer to chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. Many of these patients credit her with providing care when other practitioners lacked the knowledge or techniques to assist with their cases. Combining an open-minded attitude with an active pursuit of new treatments, Dr. Von Schaefer has established herself in the field of integrative oncology as someone with the expertise, courage, and compassion to help others heal in even the most dire circumstances.

A Long and Successful Career

It has been over a decade since her sister’s initial diagnosis which led Dr. Virginia Von Schaefer into the world of oncology and integrative medicine. In that time, she has worked tirelessly to provide patients with treatment options which not only clear disease but make it stay cleared. To hear her patients talk about her is to hear stories of kindness, innovation, and care, and the success of those patients speaks for itself. With no plans of stopping anytime soon, Dr. Von Schaefer continues to use her intelligence, dedication, and experience to help others achieve their lifelong health goals.

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