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Dr. Travis and Michelle S. Fox of AllRealms Challenge The Status Quo in Entrepreneurship

Dr. Travis and Michelle S. Fox of AllRealms

Business coaching power couple, Dr. Travis and Michelle S. Fox, continue to set the standard in the world of entrepreneurship through AllRealms and the recently introduced Ultimate Business Quest and Business Empire.

Dr. Travis and Michelle S. Fox are undoubtedly charting a new course in the business environment by providing budding and experienced entrepreneurs with the needed resources to succeed in the 21st century. As the founders of AllRealms, Ultimate Business Quest, and Business Empire, the duo adopts a unique approach to entrepreneurial training with the goal of reversing the otherwise unfortunate statistics of business failure.

Recent stats reveal that as high as 20% of adults between 18 and 24 nurse the ambition of becoming business owners, with about 19% of them already having a business. Unfortunately, the statistics showing the increase in entrepreneurship also highlight the rate of stagnancy in established businesses, especially with young adult entrepreneurs finding it difficult to grow their brands. Consequently, Dr. Travis and Michelle S. Fox are looking to personify the process of entrepreneurial growth, leveraging their experience as young business owners.

By pulling us out of our day-to-day life and throwing us into an imaginary world, Ultimate Business Quest is designed to help us effectively overcome limiting beliefs, fear of failure or success, or even a fear of public speaking. Facing real-life business challenges feels easier after discovering your strengths and areas for growth within a game world. Ultimately positioning yourself as the hero of your own story, you have virtual opportunities to become an innovative leader in the real world!

Dr. Travis and Michelle S. created Ultimate Business Quest as a game designed to help players develop business skills and build the determination and unshakeable self-confidence required to become a successful business owner. Ultimate Business Quest sends players “on a journey down the road to entrepreneurial self-discovery,” covering all aspects of the business process, including public speaking skills, hiring the right personnel, and even accessing the courage to overcome personal fears.

The couple has found a way of combining their diverse background that includes hypnotherapy, fitness, and psychology to create an all-inclusive approach, thanks to a multitude of unique insights into how various industries operate. Over the years, Dr. Travis and Michelle S. have established themselves as a force in the business world, transforming ideas into big ventures. AllRealms, their parent company, is reportedly expected to generate over $1.25 million in revenue in 2022, with a Board of Directors that includes business titans such as Bruce Cardenas and Eric Levine, helping to propel the company’s growth.

Dr. Travis and Michelle S. Fox created Business Empire to offer entrepreneurs an engaging, effective, and fun way of leveling up their professional and personal lives. The project was inspired by the couple’s quest by finding a parallel between the stories of old, which include a young warrior fighting to win a castle and kingdom. Business Empire enables users to learn business basics via immersive fantasy gameplay reminiscent of an RPG game while leveraging the guidance of experts in multiple disciplines relevant to develop their entrepreneurial skills.

Business Empire is unique as it stands as the first fully gamified way of learning entrepreneurship, without requiring players to pay a dime. The comprehensiveness of the game, giving players the whole blueprint on how to start a business from the scratch, and overcoming real-world challenges to expand their brand, are some of the features that stand Business Empire out from other similar resources.

For further information about Ultimate Business Quest and to join the list of entrepreneurs honing their skills in a unique way, visit – The movement continues across social media, including YouTube and Instagram.

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