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Dr. Stephanie So takes the helm at Geeq

Pioneering blockchain platform Geeq Corporation has appointed co-founder and chief development officer Dr. Stephanie So as the new chief executive officer, as it prepares to change how institutions and enterprises view blockchain technology.

Geeq is building a suite of user-friendly enterprise applications based on a patented, unique protocol that combines best-in-class security with streamlined, disruption-free implementation, and has partnered with leading data management platforms to provide these solutions to their clients. Geeq has de-risked the adoption of blockchain with an approach that avoids smart contracts and other complexities endemic to the dominant platforms. Instead, Geeq provides standardized transactions that run on efficient processes with predictable results, addressing the unmet needs for simplicity, security, and scalability in blockchain solutions.

The wide applicability of these transactions, such as Geeq’s proprietary methods for atomic swaps, will surprise some who view blockchain as over-engineered niche solutions in search of a problem. Under the steady guidance of founding CEO Ric Asselstine, Geeq has established the IP, infrastructure, and commercial relationships to deliver blockchain capabilities for any existing enterprise data systems.

Dr. So co-designed the groundbreaking Geeq protocols with Geeq’s chief economist, Dr. John P. Conley. She is a graduate of Princeton University (A.B.) and the University of Rochester (M.A., M.S., Ph.D.), and has sought throughout her career to improve outcomes for those experiencing barriers to work or access to services. She is dedicated to providing market solutions that provide more economic autonomy, reduce the costs of participation, increase efficiency, and improve quality of life.  

Of So, Asselstine said: “I have observed of the biggest worldwide commercial success stories that, at this stage of a company’s evolution, the leader must exhibit three traits: 1. An intimate, intuitive understanding of product market fit. 2. A soaring vision of what is possible. And, 3, this person must have an engine with no off switch. With her profound conviction and passion for Geeq’s transformative potential, Stephanie is uniquely suited to carry the torch in this next phase – she exemplifies all that Geeq audiences will be inspired by.” Asselstine will remain as Geeq’s chairman of the board.

So said: “Ric’s experience in bringing technology from R&D to market, and the mental discipline he imbued in our team to ‘make it safe, then make it better’, is the reason Geeq has a sterling reputation for innovation and integrity in the blockchain and crypto world. Ric has kept us grounded in an industry where, with other leaders, it could have been all too easy to have taken a wrong turn. From the beginning, Ric knew Geeq’s technology had to become accepted by both sides of the Web2-Web3 chasm, and he laid the groundwork for Geeq to build for private enterprise while continuing to be aligned with the goals of the Web3 community. I am honored and excited to take the reins as those paths continue to converge.”

About the Geeq Project

Geeq is a multi-blockchain platform secured by an entirely new, patented consensus mechanism, which radically reduces the cost of securely transacting value at scale. It is safe enough for highly valuable data, fast and cheap enough for IoT, and flexible enough for any use.

Geeq was founded by a team of expert economists and technologists who see unrealized opportunities in decentralized technology, as existing blockchains are caught in a trade-off between scalability and security. Geeq resolves the dilemma, enabling an entirely new category of solutions that unlock blockchain’s real potential for the real world.

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Forward-Looking Statements

Statements in this press release, including statements relating to Geeq’s future plans and objectives or expected results, may include forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements are based on numerous assumptions and are subject to all of the risks and uncertainties inherent in technology development and commercialization. As a result, actual results may vary materially from those described.

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