Dr. Ryan Shelton of Zenith Labs Discusses How Technological Advances Help Create Health Supplements

Every third video on YouTube right now is a documentary, and more than one of the many video streaming sites has copied the trend. This has led to mass information to people on different issues, including health. Today, more people are aware of what they put into their mouths and how it affects them.

Coupled up with the technological changes in the health industry, people have more power to drive or take down a medical item that does not suit the lifestyle trends of wellness. People can check out a drug before they start on it. If there is a concern about a prescription, you can find it on the internet and decide on the best way forward.

This is just one way technology has played a role in the improvement of healthcare in the world. One of the common healthcare trends of the century has been the increased use of supplements. Iron, vitamins, and other dietary supplements have become a wellness trend worldwide, thanks to researchers like Dr. Ryan Shelton Zenith Labs. Before the internet, it would have been hard to tell where the food came from, making living a healthy lifestyle quite hard.

Technology for Healthier Lifestyles

Today, there are quite the gadgets that can help improve lifestyles. One wellness trend that has become popular over the decade is the smoothie. With a blend of anything from fruits to vegetables, people can make healthy meals and drinks they can easily consume. Protein shakes in place of food or to supplement a deficiency. 


Gadgets such as the Nutribullet have become a popular way to blend smoothies. Instead of using a whole blender to make just a cup of a smoothie, a Nutribullet makes just a cup of the stuff. 


The company has even introduced the SMART Nutrition System, an app that helps measure anything that goes into the small blender and shows how nutritious each item is and how much the smoothie has in total. Thanks to technology, the gadget has incorporated an inbuilt sensor that can count the fat content, calories, vitamins, etc. 


The System also avails new and healthy recipes that people can access and use for their daily consumption. This century might not have flying saucers as some of the people in the past may have hoped for, but a gadget that can change jour spinach into a juice and count the nutritional content of it comes pretty close.

Wearable Health

Dr. Ryan Shelton of Zenith Labs is a medical practitioner who discusses incorporating technology in healthcare to help improve it. It could range anything from the management systems in healthcare institutions to something as small but significant as a Fitbit to help track your fitness journey. 


Zenith Labs champion good nutrition as the pathway to achieving good health for life. Even the best foods and juices, and supplements are vital to ensuring your body gets all the nutrients you need. Zenith Labs produce supplements that are easily accessible and can be consumed in different ways. You can pop them like pills or add them to the smoothies like protein shakes.

Supplement Inspection for Safer Consumption

When taking supplements, it matters a lot where they come from, and thanks to technological advancements, you can easily tell where they came from. It is easy to scan the QR code and find the ingredients, origin, and other information like the expiry date and the batch number. There are various technological tests used in the inspection of supplements

Targeted Tests

Targeted tests are tests that are done to tell if a supplement has a specific toxin. On the other hand, an untargeted analysis can tell if a supplement had many different toxins that make it unfit for consumption. These targeted and untargeted tests are carried out using mass spectrometers. These spectrometers are technological advancements that have prevented harm from coming to many people if they had otherwise taken supplements that had been laced or contaminated with toxins. 


Access to healthy supplements, fresh fruits, and vegetables has been made easier through apps and online ordering services. There are numerous options that people have today that help them access even the processed products like smoothies, juices, vegetarian options to things like meat. This has made buying them easier if they are tied up at work or time runs out at home. Online purchases help with delivery convenience; they are also easy to track down in case of issues after delivery.

About Zenith Labs

As the medical research director, Dr. Ryan Shelton Zenith Labs champions a natural cure or prevention to any illness or disease. He says that the key to our body’s ultimate state of wellness can be found in a myriad of fruits, vegetables, and nuts. The human body can build its immunity and fend off other diseases through the right nutritional practices. 

Even though companies producing bottom-of-the-tier supplements without the proper regulation, others like Zenith Labs are following the correct procedures to ensure whatever people buy from them is safe and beneficial for the body. Many people have lifestyle diseases like obesity and diabetes due to poor feeding habits. There are more people with gluten allergies and lactose intolerance than before. 

Those people who have these allergies often fail to consume the nutritional content of the foods they are allergic to. However, with the help of good quality and easily accessible supplements, your body can quickly get the same nutrients without the pain of an allergy.

With companies like Zenith Labs that produce body-conscious and healthy supplements, it is easy to get your body in tip-top shape. Check the company’s background before purchasing supplements to ensure you get the best ingredients in your body. Unlike the narrative that good supplements are supposed to taste like mud, Zenith Labs produces supplements that will be enjoyable to eat because they taste great.

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