Dr. Oscar John Ma: How to Use Ultrasound to Detect COVID

Dr. Oscar John Ma

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a brutal and devastating problem that is still raging and affecting millions. Thankfully, physicians like Dr. Oscar John Ma have worked hard to provide high-quality care and improve detection to ensure more people get treatment. For example, Dr. O John Ma has written extensively on how ultrasound can detect cases of COVID-19 and why this matters.

What Dr. Oscar John Ma Has to Say on This Subject

In the most recent edition of “Ma and Mateers Emergency Ultrasound,” O John Ma writes extensively about various ultrasound processes to help train clinicians in this skill. Since its initial publication, it has become the primary text for physicians and is continually updated. Its most recent upgrade includes information on how to use ultrasound to detect COVID-19 cases.

As an ultrasound specialist, Dr. Ma realized early in the pandemic that this process could be a powerful tool for diagnosis. He writes that it helps with chest radiography processes and is a valuable tool for detecting pleural and parenchymal pathology in people with COVID-19. This method was previously used when treating other conditions, such as Ebola, and his writing helped trigger a sea change in COVID diagnosis.

A Potentially Powerful COVID Detection Method

Doctors could now diagnose patients who didn’t show other symptoms or continually tested negative for the disease or its antibodies. While testing is still a powerful tool that can help treat and manage this condition, false negatives and positives are still common problems. Dr. Oscar John Ma and his book suggest using ultrasound to detect COVID in these cases.

It is particularly useful for any hospital lacking proper COVID-19 testing tools due to continuing shortages and supply chain problems. John Ma points out that most hospitals and care facilities likely have ultrasound facilities already. By tapping into these resources when they lack tests, they can ensure that individuals get tested and provide more accurate and in-depth testing solutions.

Faster than CT Scanning?

Even better, doctors may diagnose COVID-19 more quickly with an ultrasound machine than with CT scanners or traditional testing methods. A hand-based tool requires minimal sterilization between use and provides an almost immediate scan that doctors can use to diagnose COVID. CT scans take more time to sterilize, while traditional tests take longer to provide results.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that CT scans cannot help test for COVID-19. However, their longer preparation time may make it a poorer option for hospitals with patients. CT scans are usually more beneficial when testing for long-term COVID-19 symptoms. Dr. Ma states. Ultrasound machines are far more portable and quicker, creating an almost immediate response time.

While traditional testing methods are still essential and should be utilized to treat and manage COVID-19, Dr. O John Ma believes that ultrasound remains critical in the fight against this pandemic. As hospitals fill with patients and struggle to determine the extent of a person’s infection, ultrasound devices can also give them a better insight into potential treatment methods for an individual’s care.

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