Dr. Oscar John Ma Explains the Reasons Why a Patient May Need an Emergency Ultrasound

Dr. Oscar John Ma

Dr. O John Ma is a retired emergency room physician who often used emergency ultrasound technology to help diagnose his patients. Many patients who come into the emergency room present with pain, but the cause of that pain can be unknown. An ultrasound is an invaluable tool that can be used to see certain parts of the body and determine if an organ or body part may be inflamed, bleeding internally or injured, helping to diagnose a patient. Listen in as Dr. Ma explains some of the reasons why a patient may need an emergency ultrasound. 

Dr. Oscar John Ma Says Gallbladder Issues Are Commonly Diagnosed With Emergency Ultrasounds

Anyone who has had problems with their gallbladder knows that gallbladder pain can be intense. Unfortunately, gallbladder pain can mimic other health problems, including a heart attack, gastroenteritis or severe reflux. As such, it is important to diagnose gallbladder issues properly. An ultrasound can be used to see if there are gallstones present or if the gallbladder may be inflamed, both of which can be signs that the gallbladder is causing the patient the pain they are experiencing. 

Dr. O John Ma States Many Problems With the Female Reproductive System Are Diagnosed With Ultrasounds

Another reason why a patient may need an emergency ultrasound is because a female is experiencing problems with her reproductive system. An ultrasound can be used to determine if a patient may have an ectopic pregnancy, if a pregnant patient has a viable pregnancy, if they are currently bleeding or cramping, or if an ovarian cyst may be present, causing a patient pain. In some cases, ultrasounds may also be able to detect certain types of tumors in the ovaries or endometrial lining. Additionally, male reproductive issues, such as testicular torsion, may be diagnosed with ultrasound. 

Dr. Oscar John Ma Explains Internal Bleeding and Blood Flow Issues Can be Diagnosed With an Ultrasound

Another common reason an emergency ultrasound may be done on a patient is to determine if they have internal bleeding or blood flow issues. Certain types of internal bleeding, such as a lacerated spleen or liver, can typically be seen on ultrasound imagery. Additionally, ultrasound often shows blood flow issues, such as a lack of blood flow to or from the heart. This can be important to quickly diagnose a patient so they can be taken to surgery if they are experiencing blood flow issues or internal bleeding issues. This allows the surgeon to see exactly what is going on and where the problem is before operating on a patient. 

Dr. O John Ma knows that when a patient presents with pain in the emergency room, time may be of the essence. Many conditions need to be treated in a timely manner, and it is also important to determine what may be causing a patient pain so that that pain can be controlled or treated. Ultrasounds are often used to diagnose many conditions, including gallbladder issues, issues with the female reproductive system, and internal bleeding or blood flow issues in an emergency room. 

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