Dr. Nathan Dovel Boles – Facilitating The Healthcare Sector With Internal Medicine Qualification

Internal medicine is the medical specialty concerned with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases related to internal organs. Internal medicine physicians, according to the overview of internal medicine, conducted by the American Medical Association (AMA), diagnose a wide range of conditions, prescribe treatment plans for a variety of common problems, and provide advice on preventive measures.

Internists are medical specialists who concentrate on treating patients with undifferentiated or multi-system disease processes. They provide care to both hospitalized and ambulatory patients and may be involved in teaching and research programs. Internists are qualified physicians with complete postgraduate training in internal medicine and should not be confused with interns, who become doctors after completing the first year of residency training.

No one can deny the fact that good doctors need a robust set of both hard and soft skills, and according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, leadership skills, problem-solving abilities, physical stamina, and communication skills are all important traits of becoming a specialized doctor. Similarly for an internist, it is very crucial to listen to patients and understand the ways which can help them in earning the trust of their patients.

Internal medicine doctors can identify the underlying cause of a medical condition. Their extensive training and knowledge of the entire human body and organ system provide them with a unique perspective on how everything works together. They analyze, consider, and connect multiple data sets to find solutions for optimal medical outcomes. Internal medicine physicians are sometimes referred to as “doctor’s doctors” because their ability to connect the dots and solve problems is frequently sought by other medical professionals. Their knowledge is valuable to both patients and medical professionals. Thus, with the intention to facilitate the healthcare sector with the usage of internal medicine, Dr. Nathan Dale Boles became an internist.

Born on April 15, 1977, in Biloxi, Mississippi, United States, Nathan Dale Boles graduated from Biloxi High School in 1995, he got an early acceptance to medical school at the University of South Alabama, from where he received his Medical Degree in 2003. Acting on his passion for becoming an extravagant doctor, he specialized in internal medicine at the University of South Alabama Medical Center and beating all the odds earned the best resident award for two years in a row.

In 2005, when Hurricane Katrina devastated Dr. Boles’ home on the Mississippi gulf coast, he was called back to help rebuild the medical community there. He was hired by the Gulfport Memorial Hospital where he helped structure their new hospitalist program by leading it as its Medical Director for a decade.

After going through many restless nights, Dr. Boles became the founder of Boles LLC and the owner of CareDoc. He is also a third-generation physician and dual board certified in Internal Medicine and Palliative Care Medicine. Dr. Boles got his training in palliative care at Harvard University. His venture, CareDoc operates to optimize and manage the practice of multiple physicians with various specialties. In addition, the platform is helpful for healthcare professionals in terms of providing business guidance, getting insurance company credentials, billing, and recruiting nursing staff.

Since the inception of CareDoc, its team of doctors and nurse practitioners has provided patients with valuable services. Inpatient rehab is the company’s specialty and its team personally administered this specialized type of care every day. As a collective team of specialized doctors, CareDoc is committed to keeping the community healthy with a guaranteed level of customized care.

Dr. Boles has been honored at the Gulfport memorial with multiple awards including the Care Award, Star Award, and many others. His future endeavor is to strive for the growth of CareDoc so that other medical professionals can also gain benefit from his experience and follow a thriving practice that can help people lead a quality life.

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