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Dr. Joshua Ghiam: LA’s Face Of Cosmetic Dentistry

Thanks to social media outlets such as Instagram and TikTok, dental tourism has become an increasingly popular trend, compelling thousands of people to seek bargain cosmetic surgery in other states and countries. Sadly, the price is still reflected in the product, resulting in these unfortunate souls receiving Porcelain Veneers that look obviously artificial. In severe cases, such cosmetics can be difficult to fix, if not entirely impossible. Suffice it to say that getting good cosmetic dental work is well worth the monetary cost.

Take a look at sleep for example people see it as a worthy investment because it makes up almost 50% of our lives, dumping money into the right mattress, pillowcases, comforters, and even hardware like sleep apnea machines. So why wouldn’t people put the same kind of investment into their teeth, which are active all of the time in some capacity or another?

Maybe some just don’t hold dental care in that high of esteem, in which case they may not mind their teeth looking like chiclets. Though for many, the quality of one’s smile can be make-or-break in numerous aspects of their lives, which is why it’s important to find a dependable cosmetic dentist backed by a track record of quality experience and promising reviews.

If that’s the case, one need not look further than Dr. Joshua Ghiam Aesthetic Dentistry. It is the premier center for any and all dental needs. Here, Dr. Ghiam and his team provide seamless and comprehensive dental care, from routine checkups and cleanings to intensive cosmetic dentistry. All the while, they enforce an ironclad code of ethics based on patient-centric morals.

Dr. Ghiam exclusively utilizes the most cutting-edge technology and the latest techniques taught by some of the most respected clinicians in the world, specializing in using bonded tooth-colored materials for cosmetic dentistry. His philosophy is that if he can provide high-quality dental care based on the personal needs of each patient, he can simultaneously enhance their psychological well-being as well. To Dr. Ghiam, he’s providing more than just a great set of teeth – he’s giving the gift of untarnishable confidence as well.

When it comes to one’s teeth, especially cosmetic dental work, it’s important to not be on the lookout for discount work. Having things done right the first time is much better than them needing to be re-done, sometimes more than once. For those who might want cosmetic dental work done, but don’t have it in their current budget, Dr. Ghiam’s office offers payment plans and financing options to make treatment more manageable for all of their patients.

In the deeply saturated market found in the Los Angeles area, Dr. Ghiam has risen above the throngs of mediocrity to rank among the city’s most highly regarded and trusted cosmetic dental surgeons. Though, this was not always so.

Ghiam attended UCLA for psychology and later went on to acquire his Doctorate of Dental Surgery at USC, where he graduated top of his class with honors. Right out of the gates of academia and through the marriage arch, he set his practice into motion with no starting capital whatsoever, save what remained from wedding gifts and student loans. With this alone, he purchased equipment from a retiring dentist and began marketing himself against hordes of competition. Dr. Ghiam spent years building his name and accumulating spectacular reviews, all while simultaneously working part-time at a corporate dental office to support his wife and kids.  

So, what took Dr. Joshua Ghiam Aesthetic Dentistry from scratch to become one of LA’s most highly recommended? Sure, Dr. Ghiam’s skill puts him in league with some of the best in the game, but there’s more to being a successful dental surgeon than skill alone. The true secret is the trust that he’s built with his clients over the course of his career by actually taking the time to determine each person’s specific needs. In doing so, Dr. Ghiam ensures that every set of teeth fits and looks the way they’re supposed to while making the patient feel like a part of the process rather than just another patient. Understandably, this has generated years of favorable reviews, making Dr. Joshua Ghiam Aesthetic Dentistry stand apart from the impersonal uniformity of the industry. 

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