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Dr. Jan McBarron Shares Her Top 5 Productivity Apps

In today’s fast-paced world, people are constantly looking for ways to keep on top of their responsibilities. It can be difficult to manage all of the tasks that are competing for their attention. Productivity apps help people organize their lives and keep up with demands at home, school, and work. 

When a person uses productivity apps, he or she can feel better about their daily schedule, knowing that their time has been optimized. Time-wasting activities are reduced, and people can spend their hard-earned hours on what is most important to them. 

When choosing a productivity app, think about your goals. It makes a difference whether you want to increase your productivity in terms of the bottom line, or whether you want to optimize your time and save more time for family and leisure pursuits. Multiple apps exist which can help people with both of these aspects of productivity. 

Dr. Jan McBarron of the Duke and The Doctor Radio Talk Show, an award winning bariatric medical doctor, author, and public speaker, shares the best productivity apps available on the market today. These apps can help anyone get and stay organized, taking aim at wasted time and effort as well as increasing a person’s efficiency. 

Productivity Apps for Boosting Efficiency According to Dr. Jan McBarron


Asana is an open-ended project management system. This program is tailor-made for large workgroups, and it helps people cope with the demands of a complex project while keeping them in touch with coworkers. This software helps people manage communication and collaboration, bringing teams together to do their best work. 


Slack has become a hugely important part of today’s business landscape. This platform replaces email among teams and produces real-time communication opportunities. This program can also work with many other productivity services to keep a person on track. 


As a kanban-style app, Trello facilitates workflow. A kanban system is built on cards which can be arranged however the user likes. This can break down the essentials of a task and assign parts to different employees. Trello is also a communications app for your workgroup. 


ToDoIst has revolutionized the traditional list-making app. This is useful for workgroups as well as individuals. The program is available in free and paid versions with an impressive suite of features at both levels. The program offers reminders, comments, filters, and labels to keep your tasks organized. Workgroups can collaborate on projects and to-do lists. The app is also useful for individuals, from home-based tasks to business applications. 


Hootsuite saves people time when dealing with social media posts. With Hootsuite, social media professionals are easily able to craft posts for each platform from one central app. It helps people schedule posts, meaning that content can be kept fresh and up-to-date without having to keep odd hours. It is possible to reply to comments within the app. 


Freedom enables people to block certain websites and apps to prevent distractions. This is especially useful for work but can also be used at home for children to complete their homework without being distracted. This app works on various browsers as well as in iOS. Freedom saves people a great deal of time and keeps them on task. 

Enhance Your Productivity

Using these apps will help you reclaim lost time from your day. Whether you use this time to work on extra business projects or to spend more time with your family, you will find that each one of these productivity apps has its place. Dr. Jan McBarron recommends trying one or more of these apps to increase your work-life balance.

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