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Dr. Elena Eustache aka the Love Doctor to Debut New Dating App and Master Class

Dr. Elena Eustache

Looking back on 2020, it’s safe to say that no one could have anticipated the challenges that this year would bring. And in light of the pandemic, studies have shown that now more than ever, 2020 has caused a major uptick in the desire for love and relationship. But as a result of social distancing and lack of social interaction, finding love has become more difficult than ever before. Though Los Angeles-based love expert Dr. Elena Eustache is developing a new way for people to connect and find love with help from a newly developed app called Love the App as well as a master class debuting in early 2020.

Known for her big name clientele including NFL stars and even royalty, Dr. Eustache is known for her adept knowledge of the human heart. And while most dating apps often encourage or perpetuate hook up culture and casual dating or sex without commitment, Dr. Eustache has found a hole in the dating app market. With Love the App, Dr. Eustache hopes to irrevocably change dating culture with an app that focuses on finding substance and relationship. When users register, the app prompts them to state their intentions, whether a committed relationship, marriage or marriage with children. Though it might seem direct to some, Dr. Eustache designed the unprecedented app for efficiency to produce progress and results.

In preparation for the release of Love the App, Dr. Eustache is also gearing up to release her latest book as well as a master class that will air on Tony Robbins’ Mastermind platform, How to Be Feminine, a guide for women on re-learning the art of elegance, femininity and class. Though these modern times have empowered women to become their best selves, How to be Feminine informs its readers on how to master the art of being a woman while achieving productivity and using their power to their advantage. The book and class will be available early 2021.

And in her spare time, Dr. Eustache recently developed a romantic comedy TV series called The Ring Masters. The show is a spicy take on love, sex and life. If Sex and the City had a steamy one-night stand with Seinfeld, The Ring Masters would be the bratty, out-of-control love child. The show details the familiar push and pull kind of love story, coupled with the mystery of love and the universe. The stories will bring you to tears as it’s filled with comedic moments as well as those that will tug on heartstrings. Dr. Eustache is currently pitching the series with intentions of going into production in the next year.

Though her endeavors are diverse in nature, at the core of everything, Dr. Eustache makes love the priority. After all, she believes that love truly is all we need.

To learn more about Dr. Elena Eustache, Love the App, How to Be Feminine and more, visit her website. And be sure to follow her on Instagram to keep up with upcoming projects and developments.

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