Dr. Edward Picardi: The Importance of Volunteer Medical Work

While there are many important aspects of healthcare, volunteer medical work sometimes gets overlooked. It’s not what necessarily pays the bills or even motivates a lot of professionals to get into the medical field initially. However, those that step away from the office and volunteer feel like it’s a huge, impactful part of their life.

Dr. Edward Picardi has gone through this firsthand, as he’s been a volunteer for missionary work as a general surgeon. He became involved in volunteer work early on in his career, making it a point to stay connected years later. As he plans for another trip to Africa, looking at the importance of volunteer work as a whole is crucial.

Why is Volunteer Medical Work Important?

Volunteer medical work allows medical professionals to meet not only the patients they are helping but also other volunteers. This can create friendly work relationships and even friendships that are meaningful.

Visiting a unique place is an instant way of sharing a personal connection with all the other medical professionals there. For example, volunteer trips to Africa might be the first, and last time some ever have a chance to experience that part of the world. This makes a lifelong impact on more than just those treated, especially since many volunteers make a lot of sacrifices to help out.

One of the biggest motivations is getting a chance to help people and save lives in less fortunate circumstances. Many countries are grateful for some of the most basic services when they become available. 

Missionary work is about sacrifice. Medical professionals like Dr. Edward Picardi lean heavily on their Christian faith during every missionary trip they’re involved with. Having a religious background is a big motivator for a lot of doctors. Their faith helps to drive them to want to help others. 

Finding Volunteers For Medical Work

Many in the medical field have a history of volunteering that started when they were in school. One of the challenges of finding medical professionals to help out a cause comes from the sacrifices required for volunteer work.

Volunteers with strong Christian backgrounds have found that missionary work has always been a big driving force for picking up volunteers. Dr. Edward Picardi is just one person who has been heavily involved in missionary work over the years. He’s worked directly with World Medical Mission Samaritan’s Purse by going to Africa and helping out countries like Liberia and Togo.

Volunteering for a medical missionary trip requires medical professionals to sacrifice a lot of their time and resources. Medical professionals might be eager to volunteer, but there’s only so much time to donate. That being said, there is always a need for more doctors and other medical professionals to volunteer and help the lives of those in need. 

What Do Volunteer Medical Professionals Do?

Volunteer medical professionals can do a little bit of everything to help out. It can be as simple as doing routine check-ups or offering procedures that typically cost thousands and thousands of dollars. There’s no such thing as too little or too much with volunteer work.

Before accepting help in any area, medical professionals must be vetted like anyone else. Once that’s taken care of, it comes down to putting in the time and learning along the way.

Many medical professionals will stay in the same line of work when volunteering. If they are experts in a certain field, it just makes sense to focus on that. That said, general doctors and nurses can help in different ways depending on what is needed.

How Dr. Edward Picardi Makes an Impact With Missionary Work

A stethoscope used by doctors.


Dr. Edward Picardi has volunteered throughout his career in a variety of ways. However, most of his impact has come from missionary work in different countries. A trip to Africa a few years ago helped tremendously, and there are plans to return soon to provide more assistance.

Missionary work is particularly important to Picardi because of his strong Christian faith. He feels like it’s an opportunity to not only help out but spread the word of God in new ways. A successful missionary trip can help out in numerous ways.

Whenever doctors take time away from their everyday work, they leave behind their practice. Time is precious to medical professionals. It can be challenging to volunteer too much time as many medical professionals have patients and other duties that require their attention. 

Even though sacrificing that valuable time doesn’t stop volunteers, it still requires a collaborative effort to provide the much-needed help.

Will Volunteers Continue to Donate Time and Energy?

Looking at volunteer medical work as a whole, many, like Dr. Edward Picardi, are as eager as ever to lend a helping hand.

Some volunteers might have limitations on where they can travel to on a yearly basis. Those with young families or travel restrictions can look for local volunteer opportunities. 

Those with a strong religious background looking to travel while also helping others can follow in the footsteps of Dr. Edward Picardi and take advantage of missionary trips and other unique opportunities.

There are a lot of people looking for volunteers, but filling those roles comes down to starting early and talking to people in the industry. As long as people in charge are willing to put in some work, volunteers will be willing to sacrifice and follow a great cause. 

Medical professionals like Dr. Edward Picardi are always willing to help, as it improves not only the lives of those the patients they are in charge of but also the lives of those involved.


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