Dr.Chris Cole: The First African American Director Of A Public Traded Company is etching Black History onto the Blockchain

The global entrepreneur, Dr.Chris Cole, is etching Black History onto the Blockchain.

The concept of generational wealth is on the rise these days among African Americans and minorities. People are making the transition from being a 9-5 workers to someone who can sleep and still make money. The entire concept of generational wealth is to leave enough worth for your future generations so that they don’t have to start from ground zero financially. However, it is projected that by the year 2053 African Americans will have a zero dollar net worth. This may come as a surprise as there are more degreed African Americans and Millionaires than ever before. Everyone understands how to earn an income or degree, but they don’t know how to begin to create wealth. 

For the purpose of helping people generate wealth for their future generations, Dr.Chris Cole is launching the Seven 22 NFT project. The project tells the compelling story of how African Americans and Minorities have historically been systematically oppressed from building wealth. The Blockchain guarantees that history will be preserved forever. This project will provide assets and access, the two major components of building wealth.

The holders of the NFT will receive access to tools and education designed to empower them to become self-sufficient, along with quarterly incentives distributed into crypto to all holders. Dr. Chris Cole who is an entrepreneur hails from Augusta, GA, and currently is the owner of several businesses and continues to add. He is an expert in the field of finance and trading. This helped him in building a wealthy lifestyle of abundance and becoming a seven-figure trader and multi- millionaire. He has more than ten years of experience in the cryptocurrency field and knew that the technology would prove to be key in influencing a necessary paradigm shift.. 

Chris does not belong from a privileged background. As a kid, he used to read his father’s magazines and newspapers about trading. Even though his father was interested in trading, he never traded because he had no money. This was passed on to Chris and he always enjoyed numbers and wanted to help everyone. His uncle too was a keen person, a go-getter, and a hustler. The trait of being relentless and committed to work comes to Chris from his uncle. He is a living testimony of what it means and looks to be committed to the process with no emotional attachment to the outcome.

He loves the process and works that he does. He believes when you do the right thing, the right results come and fall your way. His spirituality makes him believe that God has chosen him to work for the benefit of others. 

All his hard work has finally paid him off as he became the first African American listing director of a publicly-traded company in 2017 and is now the founder of a Legacy project that will prove to help shape the future of African American economics.. He has been acknowledged as one of the top retail traders in the world according to publications like Futures and Truth Magazine.

He has taught and mentored over 100 students who are trading full-time today. His mantra is business, manhood, and mindset. He lives with this mindset and teaches his students to live this way too so that they have the necessary tools to build a family legacy and generational wealth. Follow this journey to learn more about Dr.Cole and the Seven 22 project. 

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