Dr. Carlos Chacon Explains Why the Brazilian Butt Lift is a Great Option for Enhancing the Buttocks 

Dr. Carlos Chacon

Those who are interested in a butt lift or enhancement will find there are multiple options to choose from. However, as Dr. Carlos Chacon from Divino Plastic Surgery explains, there are several reasons why the Brazilian butt lift is the procedure of choice. As an expert in the procedure and a seasoned plastic surgeon with over a decade of experience and rave reviews from clients of all ages and walks of life, Dr. Chacon is a leader in the field and those who are considering a butt lift or enhancement would do well to consider his advice.

One benefit of the Brazilian butt lift is that it not only transforms the buttocks but also improves other areas of one’s physique. It increases the harmony of the buttocks-to-waist ratio and improves the appearance of both the stomach and thighs. The risk of complication is low as the procedure uses one’s own tissue rather than a foreign substance. The positive results last long-term, which means that those who opt for this form of surgery will benefit from it for many years. Furthermore, the results are more natural looking than the end results from other forms of butt enhancement. It’s the procedure of choice for anyone who wants a fuller, rounder buttocks and is fast becoming the most popular form of butt-enhancing surgery in the United States.

At the same time, no surgical procedure is without its downsides. Dr. Carlos Chacon explains that while the post-surgery healing process following a Brazilian butt lift is relatively quick, it can take up to six months for the buttocks to show the full positive results from the procedure. What’s more, one’s physique and overall health could make him or her ineligible for the procedure. This is why Dr. Chacon spends ample time talking with every single patient who visits Divino Plastic Surgery. “Cosmetic plastic surgery is so much more than just having the procedure,” Dr. Chacon asserts, as he notes that he asks patients not only about their medical history, but also the reasons why they want a Brazilian butt lift and what they expect from the procedure.

The Brazilian butt lift is an ideal buttock-enhancing procedure, especially for those who are aging or  experiencing unwanted sagging. The results look natural and last for many years, the risks are lower than for other forms of butt-enhancing surgery, and it improves not only the butt, but also other areas of the body. Even so, as Dr. Carlos Chacon from Divino Plastic Surgery notes, it’s important for anyone considering this form of surgery to have an in-depth conversation with an experienced plastic surgeon. Picking the right surgeon who has extensive experience performing Brazilian butt lift procedures increases the odds of the surgery being as successful as it is meant to be so that an individual can once again be proud of his or her physical appearance.

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