Dr. Calvin Hirsch Explains What Geriatric Medicine Is and Why It Is Important

Dr. Calvin Hirsch has spent most of his career being involved in geriatric medicine. However, one of the things that he has found is that many people do not fully understand what geriatric medicine is, why it is important to society, and when they should start treating with a medical professional who offers or specializes in geriatric medicine. Read on as Dr. Hirsch provides more information about geriatric medicine.

Read on as Dr. Hirsch provides more information about geriatric medicine.

Dr. Calvin Hirsch Explains What Geriatric Medicine Is

Dr. Calvin Hirsch states that geriatric medicine is medical care that is geared toward and targets senior citizens and the elderly. Your health needs to change as you get older, and you are more susceptible to different conditions as you age. The way you need to be treated may also change, as you may be less mobile or take longer to heal. Much like a pediatrician tailors the medical care they provide to children and the specific health needs of children, geriatric medicine is tailored to senior citizens. 

Dr. Calvin Hirsch States Why Geriatric Medicine Is Important

Dr. Calvin Hirsch says that geriatric medicine is so important because the medical needs of seniors differ greatly when compared to the medical needs of healthy adults. Geriatric medicine involves ensuring seniors get all of the medical tests to keep them healthy, involves coordinating care based on different medical conditions, and involves overseeing multiple medications that a senior may be taking for multiple conditions. Senior care is often more complex, and seniors need a professional who can help with the complexity of their medical issues. 

Dr. Calvin Hirsch Details When Patients Should Consider Seeing a Geriatric Medical Professional

Dr. Calvin Hirsch explains that patients should consider seeing a geriatric medical professional around the age of 65. Those who are over 50 and have complex medical histories may also benefit from treatment with a geriatric medical professional. If you think that treating with this type of professional may be right for you, talk to your current family physician. They know your medical history and, as such, can help you make an informed choice as to when it may be time to see a geriatric medical professional and advise you of the different ways that a medical professional can personally benefit you. 

Dr. Calvin Hirsch has been involved in the geriatric medical community for over 40 years. During the course of his career, he has spent a lot of time working on educating individuals about geriatric medicine, helping seniors get the care they need, and working to create policies pertaining to geriatric medicine. While I am partially retired now, I hope to continue making an impact in the geriatric medicine arena and continue serving seniors who need medical care. 

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