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Dr. Ali AlSaqoby – An Unmatched Success Story of a Remarkably Talented Man and his Dentistry Tech Insights as a Proficient Dentist.

Creating a mark in an industry is a tremendous thing. Changing the perception of an industry is beyond tremendous that only extreme rarity can achieve. Particularly if the industry or field is highly competitive, filled with talented individuals that are equipped with many years of experience. What makes Dr. Ali AlSaqoby stand out goes beyond his admirable personality traits and exceptional talents at a very young age. It is his ability and determination to utilize his interpersonal skills and fame to revolutionize the dental industry through changing people’s negative perception of the career, his success on this endeavor is owed to delivering valuable information that is combined with a hint of luxurious and impressive lifestyle the young dentist occasionally displays!  Ofcourse his messages are well received by the masses that see him as an apt role model across social media platforms.

A Truly unique and exceptionally talented dentist

Inevitably, the talented young man not only became in the talks of news globally that are major and respectable publications, but also became one of the most followed and most influential dentists to this day in the middle east. Truly an admirable character that managed to lead many fields that goes beyond dentistry to include entrepreneurship, soccer freestyle and much more, that impressive lifestyle and tremendous achievements triggered the idea of writing about this individual going beyond the usual tech content that is delivered here.

Broke the stereotype of celebrity status

Let’s face it! The celebrity status and amassing loyal fans is usually given to those with careers such as acting and singing. However, Dr. Ali AlSaqoby with his unique presence through the elite niche he carved of juggling multiple careers flawlessly, proved that healthcare professionals can be admired too by the general public exhibited by his impressive loyal fanbase consisting of thousands of people.

Using his fame and influence for a noble cause

He particularly rose on snapchat by making a significant mark with his large following, followed by his Instagram account that is just below a staggering 100000 following mark. Dr. Ali AlSaqoby believes that his significant popularity, is an opportunity to shatter the negative stigma and fear towards the career he is passionate about, and that is dentistry. He feels that the negative stigma is one of the main reasons, patients do not seek the necessary treatment.

Therefore, the young dentist advocates positive thinking and breaking the fear barrier, where he uses social media to shed light on this life changing mentality. Leading by example, as a courageous soul he studied dentistry abroad in the UK as a government supported scholarship student. The transition from his homeland to a completely different country doing a very tough course.

Requires significant bravery and courage, he was successful in not only acing the course having a Masters of dental surgery degree, but also have the second most talented dental student award across all the universities, that are present in the UK!

More than just a leading dentist! 

Dr. Ali AlSaqoby understands what it takes to be the best in everything he embarks on. He is also an elite athlete for many years as a soccer freestyle player pioneer. His history of accomplishment in this sport made him a public figure for his constant media appearance before his social media popularity! In which Dr. Ali made a name for himself through participating in world championships and taking part in international events such as EXPO MILAN, where he got awarded as one of the most influential characters of the EXPO.

Beyond changing the perception of dentistry, giving flawless treatment to his patients and mentoring young dental graduates, he is also inspiring millions with his lifestyle in social media in which it is never seen before of managing to doing it all!

Yet, still managing to be fully responsible of the sport of football freestyle in Kuwait as the Kuwait football freestyle president appointed by the world federation.  Phenomenal to say the least! As he is also doing a perfect job by actively revolutionizes the sport through organizing world renown championships! Also managing to be a successful entrepreneur and author with a new book soon. This overall lifestyle had encouraged many to embark on healthcare profession, as some may be afraid that their lifestyle will consist of just work, work and work. Dr. Ali AlSaqoby disapproved this misconception by his complete, admirable lifestyle that is having  a perfect balance of hard work and leisure.

His valuable insights on Trends and Technologies to look out for in dentistry:

The remarkable dentists have shared some valuable insights about the future of dentistry, in which 3 points will be shared and can be summarized as the following

The use of 3D printing technology

We have seen this technology being used on various fields, dentistry being no exception. The doctor mentioned that 3D printing was enacted over several years with a notable increase of usage recently, as the technology is continuously improving with regards to the materials properties and also becoming increasingly affordable and thus widely accessible among professionals

The introduction of Laser technology

We have seen it being used in the medical field such as skin treatment. But according to the young doctor it is also used widely in dentistry, with a promising future! He elaborated that is predominately used in cases that involve children and also some surgical cases of adults.

Utilizing social media as a healthcare provider

Long gone the days where you can hardly find a professional in social media, there is a noticeable rise of its use among healthcare providers. As per Dr. Ali being a social media star and also a healthcare provider. He emphasized the importance of the presence of a healthcare provider in the social media, not only for networking with other healthcare providers and sharing experiences. But also, to give accurate information to a wide audience and clear any misconceptions and doubts that patients may have.

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