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Dr. Abeer Fahim on The Power of Positivity

The Instagram influencer and renowned author talks about the importance of a positive mental attitude.

Those who are not up to speed with the literary world may not have heard of Dr. Abeer Fahim.  This remarkable woman set out to earn her Ph.D. in English literature and ended up becoming a renowned public figure.

Unlike most of us, Abeer knew what she wanted to do from an incredibly young age. She tried to help people. She wanted to be the change that she wanted to see in the world. Aged only eight years old, she knew that compassion would be her driving force whatever she did.

The Power Of A Positive Mental Attitude

Dr. Abeer has a glittering career. She is based between the UK and the UAE and works as an assistant English professor in Abu Dhabi.  Her book entitled “Her Seven Days in Bali” earned her serious notoriety, reaching the top 100 in Amazon’s whole seller’s list. 

Dr. Abeer Fahim was awarded her Ph.D. in 2012. Since then, she has been involved in founding the inspirational platform ‘Juliet Turns the Page’ and has amassed thousands of Facebook followers. The secret to her success? A Positive Mental Attitude!

Using a Positive Mental Attitude to Get what You Want

While Dr. Fahim has used the power of positivity to attract numerous accolades, she acknowledges that just being positive all the time isn’t A) feasible or B) enough to drive progress towards your dreams. If you want to make progress, you have to set goals and work towards them, even if you can take baby steps towards them.

Just like one of the good Dr’s many successful literary works, you can’t write a whole book in a day. Each page takes work, careful curation, and mountains of editing. It is the same with your life. If you want something, you have to move towards it incrementally. You might not get it overnight, but you are still making progress as long as you are taking steps towards it.

“It’s not just about positivity; it’s about positivity plus. Figuring out what your plus makes you chase those goals all the harder.”

Think of achievement in terms of being positive and chasing your dreams. I might want to be a scientist but live in an area where studying is impossible. So, I have first to move away from this area, then study, and then land a job in the sciences. It won’t be easy, and it may take years, but if you don’t start taking those steps towards it, it will never happen.

For Dr. Fahim, positivity isn’t just a mindset; it’s a lifestyle. Her Instagram feed and her Facebook page are both littered with examples of how she carries this attitude into her writing and uses it to inspire others. Her inspirational quotes and efforts have garnered thousands of supporters, both in the UK and in Abu Dhabi. 

Need Help to Make Progress?

If you struggle to progress even knowing you will stagnate if you don’t, you should follow Dr. Abeer Fahim on her Facebook or Instagram pages to stay inspired!

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