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DPS Cyber Security Crypto Recovery Firm Successfully Recovers Over $8 Million of Stolen Cryptocurrency

DPS Cyber Security assists in the recovery of stolen bitcoins.

DPS Cyber Security is a cryptocurrency recovery organization that has been in business for three decades and has mostly worked in the crypto field for a decade. Since the company’s inception, it has specialized in stolen cryptocurrency recovery. The firm is well-known in the business and operates on a no-win, no-fee basis.

As the cryptocurrency market became more populated by MNC corporations and independent investors, the company recognized the necessity for a cybersecurity agency that provides services relevant to the crypto world’s security and helps with bitcoin fraud recovery when a cryptocurrency scam happens.

DPS Cyber Security has been involved in over 1600 successful investigations for its crypto clients to date. One such example is an international firm’s $8 million recovery in just ten days.

To properly recover bitcoin or any other stolen cryptocurrency, you must first become acquainted with the fundamentals of blockchain technology, which can be incredibly challenging, especially with limited resources. It may be preferable to invite crypto recovery professionals to handle this for the firm that has faced cryptocurrency scams.

Cryptocurrency is a new technology for many investors. Even today, they may be unaware of how blockchain technology actually works or just how complex and particular smart solutions these syndicates may be utilizing. Hiring a professional team of experts that understand the intricacies of these frauds and have a track record of success will almost likely boost your chances of retrieving your money from these con artists. According to the most recent Reuters chain analysis, around 1.4 million Bitcoin worth over $63 billion look to have been stolen by criminals or became stranded in wallets owing to lost keys.

Important considerations while selecting a cryptocurrency recovery firm:

  • Do they have information on company registration in the country where they operate?
  • Do they speak English well?
  • Do they work on a NO WIN, NO FEE basis, like DPS Cyber Security, or do they require payment in advance?
  • Are they obnoxious or even rude?
  • Do they guarantee the outcome?
  • Do they work with or have they previously worked with any respectable law enforcement agencies?
  •  Is there any published material from respectable sources to back up their claims?

According to FTC complaints, cybercrooks use social media or dating apps to attract investors into fake investment schemes. This is why, for the best outcomes, it is best to select a reliable cryptocurrency recovery business.

There are other recovery organizations with an online presence and evaluations on cryptocurrency scam-related concerns, but none are as well-known as DPS Cyber Security. With over 1,600 successful investigations, DPS has worked with different government and law enforcement agencies all over the world to effectively recover hundreds of millions of dollars in stolen cryptocurrency for individual investors and multi-national organizations.

Given the volatile nature of the crypto market, cybersecurity firms must keep their services and security up to date. DPS Cyber Security, as a major name, ensures that they are up to date on all market regulations, making them a popular choice for cyber investigation among businesses and investors. The company’s Head of Cybersecurity, Mark Goodman, and his team of bitcoin recovery experts, investigators, and technology professionals have over thirty years of experience in the field of cybersecurity and digital location tactics.

When asked what distinguishes DPS Cyber Security, their CEO stated, “I strongly suggest DPS Cyber Security’s services to any firm or individual who has experienced crypto-asset theft. Our firm specializes in handling and recovering stolen assets. Our skilled and knowledgeable crew ensures that the bitcoin operations are done securely and no mistake is made by the customers.”

Please visit their website for more information on their services.

Contact: Mark Goodman


Address: 2nd Floor, Berkeley Square House, Berkeley Square, London W1J 6BD, UK

About DPS Cyber Security.

DPS Cyber Security is an experienced crypto recovery company. They have over ten years of expertise in the cryptocurrency sector. The firm specializes in locating and retrieving stolen funds and operates on a no-win, no-fee premise.

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