‘DPN era’ marks the first-ever groundbreaking launch, pioneered by U2U Network

DPN refers to a Decentralized Virtual Private Network as a recently emerging technology with a high-adoption wave amid the industry witnessing a promising uptrend of Web3-based projects. DPN was recently introduced by U2U Network and will be a promising factor to consider once their pros are proven through the first Mainnet launched. 

The flickering signs for an uptrend seem to be waking up the entire industry and chasing away the gloomy atmosphere that has been reigning for a while. If history lessons from the previous uptrend reduplicate, this milestone will be worth exploring the next concepts of technology that have the potential to stir up the market.

U2U Network

DPN is one of the top headlines for discussion.

Unlike traditional VPNs that route traffic through centralized servers, DPNs use a decentralized network of nodes. It reduces the risk of data misuse and surveillance while enhancing online privacy and making eavesdropping significantly more challenging. DPN is a brightening idea to cope with an era of heightened online censorship and offers a potent solution capable of bypassing restrictions and ensuring online freedom.

The concept of DPN has been mentioned for a long time while its development history has faced many barriers. Blockchain has broken many of those barriers; however, this technology also has some limits, mainly around speed, scalability, and sustainability. Luckily, many add-in solutions, such as Layer-0 and Subnet, have been introduced to solve the problems. 

In the case of Subnet, it is likened to vigilant protectors, ensuring seamless data flow and maintaining order. Among them, the high-appreciated U2U Subnets recently introduced by U2U Network are considered groundbreaking solutions with a widely-adopted potential. U2U Network is a DAG-based and EVM-compatible chain focused on providing infinite scalability and decentralization on demand as the one-stop solution for enterprise-level needs. 

“For U2U Subnets, we aim to focus more on real-world applications by addressing its 2 main problems: scaling bottleneck and incompatibility with legacy systems. U2U Subnet’s uniqueness lies in its ability to offer Infinite Scalability and Decentralization on Demand (DoD) services, which make it a powerful tool for crafting tailored, user-centric solutions,” shared proudly by Mr. Trung Trang – Founder of U2U Network. 

DPN is a pioneering product of the application of U2U Subnet in reality. It represents the pros of the U2U Network when bringing the adaptive and efficient solution, such as an infinity scaling powering real-world applications while maintaining security and consistency. “The U2U Network’s DPN acts as a digital shield, safeguarding users from eavesdropping, data breaches, surveillance, and identity theft while granting access to the vast resources available on the internet.”

DPN is identified as the flagship of the ambition to attack the traditional billion-dollar market of U2U Network in their global widening strategy. This network recently raised $10M of funds and is now at the Mainnet stage with the proven performance of their self-developed technology – Helios Consensus. This implementation happened earlier than the community expected; synonymous with U2U Network is ahead of schedule compared to the previously published roadmap and contributes to proving the Team’s outstanding technological capacity.

Helios acts as the backbone of the U2U Network that offers up to 72,000 TPS at launch (a peak of 500,000 TPS with sharding enabled on their development network stress-test), 650 ms transaction finality, and aBFT consensus quadruple protection layers dPOS, PoET, PoR, and TEE. Multi-sharing Mechanism, Subnets technology, and OstracismVM are on the roadmap to be launched in this quarter and in 2024, as informed on their website. 

“U2U Network, along with DPN and U2U Subnets, reflect our response to the industry’s excitement at recent signs of uptrend. We look forward to contributing to driving technological innovation towards an era of anonymous internet for which DPN is an extremely satisfactory answer,” shared Trung Trang.

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