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Downsizing: Emotional Reasons to Avoid & Amazing Benefits to Consider


Downsizing your lifestyle and living arrangements is a hot topic of discussion in the financial circuit. We realize there are several financial advantages of downsizing your home and lifestyle. When you downsize your home, rest assured of enjoying financial benefits, like a reduction in expenses and a boost in cash flow. You will have some spare money to add more towards your retirement assets. Moreover, you will enjoy flexibility and freedom to pursue the activities you have always dreamed of participating.

According to Forbes, in any discussion relating to downsizing, empty nesters are at the top of our minds. We understand that several couples whose kids have gone abroad for studies or left home for good find it frivolous to spend so much on expenses and maintenance of a big house. People often move to a smaller house, as carrying on living in a large house and spending so much on the maintenance and upkeep of the house does not seem to be worth it any longer. They often decide to shift to a smaller home. However, the advantages of downsizing may be enjoyed by people with full nests too. They may consider downsizing to simplify their overall lifestyle, saving money and freeing up their time.

Several Americans are thinking in terms of downsizing their home since:

  • Their retirement is around the corner
  • They are now empty nesters
  • They find it overwhelming to maintain and look after the upkeep of a sprawling property
  • They can see that there is excessive space.

Top Emotional Reasons for Avoiding Downsizing

It can be heartbreaking to downsize your lifestyle and home even when you realize it is in your best interest. It is crucial to understand the top reasons behind why you are so emotionally disturbed at the thought of selling your home.

Unhappy to Leave behind Fond Memories: You have spent some golden moments in the house raising your children and making a million memories. It can be heartbreaking to consider life outside this house.

Feel Guilty: Your grownup kids may blame you and make you feel the guilt pangs for selling the house that holds all their golden childhood memories. However, you need to take steps to manage your lifestyle well and independently. Do not get intimidated by your grown-and-gone children. You will enjoy a grand time creating brand-new memories with your grandchildren in the cozy new house. Get rid of these negative emotions by selling your house in a jiffy to we buy houses Chicago.

Fear of Change: You may be scared at the thought of a change. You are afraid of the unknown strings attached to downsizing. Moreover, it could be daunting to put in all the effort so that your house is all set for sale.

Embarrassed to Shift to a Smaller Home: It can be a humbling experience to shift to a smaller house particularly when all your close friends and relatives have bigger and more impressive homes. Initially, you may feel embarrassed to tell the world that you cannot go on living life king-size anymore.

Conclusion: Benefits to Enjoy by Downsizing

You should not allow depressing emotions to hold you back. It is best to realize and focus on the multiple benefits you may enjoy by downsizing. When you move into a less expensive smaller home, you can successfully make your life simpler and reduce your stress. You can make significant progress toward fulfilling your financial aspirations and goals. You can now have far more money and time to enjoy things or hobbies you have been dreaming about all your life.


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