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You must have heard the word “Super Apps” going around. So what exactly is it? Let’s make it simple; it’s a collection of mini-apps in one app. Now the question arises, Why would we need a super app when we have different apps already provided? The answer is to avoid having the hassles of opening different apps when you can use one for all!

There’re various super apps in the market; Wikolo, being one of them, is here to make your life easy! If you are looking for online payments, finding roommates, a streaming platform, and the list, then you have come to the right place. 

Wikolo allows you to enhance the way you explore the web, which is now available on Play Store and App Store. Just a click, and everything you need is in your hand. Sounds amazing, right? 

Let’s dig a little deeper into understanding how Wikolo can help change your experience on the web and make your life a little easier.

The Impact of Wikolo on Web Exploring- 

People are curious to know more about super apps and how they impact their online browsing experience. Wikolo helps simplify various online day-to-day activities. Let’s discuss several benefits that the Wikolo super app has to offer- 

  1. Wikolo Board- If you like live streaming, you will definitely like this feature. Wikolo Board provides you with a platform and helps you earn through something you enjoy doing. All while interacting with your audience and fans.
  2. Roomie- Everyone likes a little company while in college and new places. Roomie is the feature that provides a brand new market for college students to find their ideal student roommate at their university. It also helps you find the perfect room partner by selecting and viewing others’ likes and tastes.
  3. Marketplace- Wikolo Marketplace is unique in its way. It not only helps sellers to find buyers but also helps buyers to know if they are open to negotiating the price of their product. That’s not it; the super app allows sellers to boost their sales by listing their products under the featured section. 
  4. Messaging- We all need a medium to connect with people globally but like to be assured about data privacy. This feature provides text, audio, and video calling features that can be used for personal and business purposes. You can even share memes and clips and react to messages.
  5. Wallet- We all know it’s a digital world in which everything we do is somehow connected with digitalization. Wikolo is here to make your only transactions easier by providing a Wallet feature where you can send money to as many people as you want simultaneously; not only that, you can even change the amount as per the individual.
  6. Maps- Do you feel lost and look for ways to find locations at times? The Wikolo Map feature helps to locate places, people, and activities. Users experience multiple themes that change according to the weather, season, time, festivals, or anything happening around them. Sounds exciting, right?

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Using Super App will assist you in building business value and improving your user web experience. 

It’s only the beginning for Super Apps- 

Super apps originated in Asian nations. Super apps helped these countries cope with global technological advancements because Asian nations didn’t have proper access to computers back then. Therefore, cell phones were the only way for those nations to connect to the internet. However, cell phones were not very advanced at those times, so people could not perform several online tasks. 

People demanded a platform that could help them fulfill their internet browsing requirements, which led to the super apps’ invention. 

The superphone applications give users the power to perform various online tasks on a single platform. From expanding their network to making online payments, the Asian population could fulfill all their demand using a single app. 

This led to message domination of Super App in Asian nations. Right now, the majority of the Asian population uses super applications such as WeChat. However, the notion of having a single platform for every online activity is fairly new to The Western and European populations. Fortunately, people are interested in using such a platform to help them eliminate the dizziness of oscillating between different apps. Super apps are gradually getting into the minds of the western and European populations, which can be the beginning of a revolution. 

Many industry leaders have already discussed the future of super apps and their desire to invest in them. Industry leaders have estimated the domination of super apps because they will lure many people with their power to simplify multiple online activities. Super apps have just started entered the Western and European market and have already  created so much anticipation among the people. If the beginning of the journey is so ‘Bang On,’ we can expect nothing but the best from this piece of technology called super apps. As the online trends with evolve, these super apps will also bring the nessacary updates for a better user experience. One thing for sure, whatever these apps will offer, it will end up enhancing our online browsing experience. 


To sum it up, Super apps are here to change user’s web experience by providing multiple services and mini-apps in just one app. This one-stop for all will be hassle-free and help businesses gain that presence in the market and have a better connection with their audience. Digitalization has made the user’s way of using the internet an immense experience, and they are always looking for new and innovative things. Can a super app be that for them? Absolutely! Wikolo is spreading its wings in the eastern region with its unique features and services, which will enhance the virtual experience altogether. 

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