DotArcade Plans to Launch IDO on Jan 12, 2022

DotArcade Plans to Launch IDO on Jan 12, 2022

Much-awaited NFT “Empire” game of 2022 DotArcade announces the launch of IDO on Jan 12, 2022 on Gamestation. DotArcade plans the launches on launchpads Koistarter, Onus, BSCstation on Jan 15, 2022. The platform is recognized as the first game that combined Arcade and Moba game genres.

More so, the platform contains the best and attractive real-time battle feature. Even more, the alpha version of the game is completed by the DotArcade team. Added to this, the full version will be released in Q2 2022. 

NFT Game DotArcade

The main advantage to be noted on DotArcade is that the platform is easy for players to play. All-in-all, the Dot Arcade game is similar to the empire-building and battles-fighting game. 

Notably, the DotArcade project has passed the basic review round and officially stepped into the community evaluation round of ONUS. Therefore, this explains the vast potential of DotArcade. This is because ONUS is considered to be the most popular digital asset investment platform in Vietnam. After ONUS approves and invests in other projects, they also become successful. 

As for DotArcade’s gameplay, the game features three different kinds of characters to compete against each other including Archers, Barbarians, and Cavalries. In addition, the platform has four different eras, users can enter many Clans to strengthen their positions and also to increase the opportunity to get NFTs.

DotArcade provides two tokens: $ADT and Trophy tokens. $ADT token is considered as the Dot Arcade’s main token. Moreover, the $ADT can be utilized for many purposes which includes NFT trading, rank improvement, and staking rewards. The usability of the $ADT token goes on. 

Furthermore, the DotArcade team consists of experienced members in different fields under the Captain Yoyo BiBo leadership. BiBo has developed a number of online mobile apps, including Vitalk, Yoyo chat, and others, which have more than 1 million downloads and over 10,000 CCUs.

In general, DotArcade collaborates with many key partners, including Horizen (ZEN), ONUS, BSCStation, Gamestation, GAMI, and Jade Labs.

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