Door Ringer Reviews: Is the Door Ringer Camera Scam or Legit?

The door ringer is a recent technological advancement that many homeowners have wished for. It aided in the rapid transition from traditional home security to smart home security. (Door Ringer Reviews)

Everybody is at risk of a robbery at some point in their lives, which is why it is critical to protect one’s home. Everything in life evolves in lockstep with technological advancements.

Are you looking for a door ringer camera to buy for your home surveillance system, Keep reading this door ringer review as we take you in-depth about the video doorbell camera.


What is Door Ringer Camera?

(Door Ringer Reviews)

The door ringer camera is a high-tech security camera that provides superior protection for residential and commercial properties. They are Intelligent Video Doorbell cameras that use an artificial intelligence system to notify the user when a visitor knocks on the door. Some alternative Door ringer video doorbells include installable mobile applications, while others operate via a chime system.

Nobody could have predicted the evolution of AI-powered door ringer camera prior to technological advancement. But here it is today, gaining over 5,000 monthly Google searches. This demonstrates how popular the Door ringer Video doorbell camera has evolve.

Many people continue to wonder and inquire about how a door ringer camera is able to monitor homes and offices even when the owner is away. Additional reasons you came across this door ringer reviews. But not to worry as we shall be giving you all needed information about door ringer, and tell you why it tops the list of best video doorbells without subscription. 

Door Ringer Video Doorbell Camera

Door ringer video doorbell cameras are a type of modern surveillance camera that enables homeowners and renters to protect their homes and businesses by monitoring and controlling events remotely and at any time. It includes a mobile application that can be installed on both Android and Apple devices. The mobile app enables remote access to the door ringer and allows user to take charge from anywhere.


Features of Door Ringer (Door Ringer Reviews)

  1. 2-Way Talk system: This Door Ringer feature enables you, the controller, to communicate with your visitors in real time without physically approaching them. They will be able to hear you from your doorstep, and you’ll still be able to hear and see them via the Door Ringer mobile app.
  2. Advanced GEO-fencing & motion detection Ability: With advanced Geo-fencing and motion detection ability, door ringer is able to detect motion in and around the entrance door. When a visitor approaches your doorway, it detects and notifies the house controller. You will be able to see the individual regardless of where you are; at home or away from home. And also, the video doorbells have a wide field-of-view, allowing it to protect not only the front entrance but also a good portion of your outside environment.
  3. Portable and Ergonomic appearance: The door ringer is so well-designed and portable that it contributes to the aesthetics of your frontage (where you hung the door ringer for security).
  4. A User Manual and Installable Mobile Application: When you purchase a door ringer video doorbell camera, you must download the accompanying mobile application from your app store. The mobile application will enable you to connect the device and sync activities with your phone for the optimal experience. Before using the door ringer, consult the user manual for any additional instructions.
  5. Intituitive IR Day & Night vision: The Door Ringer video doorbell also captures high-definition video in high resolution using a 1080p IR night vision camera.
  6. Smart and Powerful Sensors: Additionally, the door ringer video doorbells include an integrated motion detector that detects and sends an alert to your smartphone whenever it detects the presence of a human.
  7. Long-lasting Rechargeable battery: While most doorbells are hardwired, the Door ringer features a rechargeable battery with a long life. because when the door is opened, the doorbell will not ring. What happens, on the other hand, if there is a power outage? In this instance, a wireless doorbell with a rechargeable battery, such as Door Ringer, outperforms the competition by a significant margin. However, it is entirely battery-powered.
  8. Easy installation: The Door Ringer video doorbell is wireless and incredibly easy to set up and use. Simply choose an appropriate location for your video doorbell, mount it, and download the necessary App to connect to it, allowing you to stream anything that happens in your home or business premises.
  9. Wide field of vision: The doorbell features 170 degrees fieldview in the horizontal direction, and 90 degrees in the vertical direction. Door Ringer’s wide-angle cameras let you see the person who comes to your door in full orientation.
  10. Quick Alert: When the Door Ringer video doorbell detects any movement around or within the target area, it immediately send a smart phone alert through its connected mobile App to alert the controller. When you get this alert, it enables you to stream live video to your phone via Wi-Fi on the go of event.
  11. Affordable Pricing: The device is sold for $99.99 making it fall under the category of best video door ringer camera under $100
  12. Weather-Resistant: When you use your Door Ringer Video doorbell, you don’t have to worry about it breaking down in any weather, whether it’s summer, winter or any climate condition, not to worry as the Door Ringer are strong and built for all weather conditions. But you have to ensure you keep out of reach of children and out of rainwater to avoid breakdown as it’s a working gadget.
  13. Wi-Fi connectivity: The Wi-Fi connection allows you to seamlessly pair the door ringer door bell with the mobile App.

Pros and Cons Of Door Ringer Camera

(Door Ringer Reviews)


  • It is affordable
  • It can easily be installed without any technical knowledge
  • It comes with a mobile app for both android users and Apple users
  • It is one of the best video doorbells without subscription
  • The door ringer company offers 100% money-back guarantee
  • Door Ringer is feature packed



  • Slightly costly for those wanting more cheaper door ringer camera
  • Currently not stocked on sale at other shopping stores like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, BestBuy etc.
  • Limited stock and low supply available.
  • May not be available for your country.

Technical Specifications (Door Ringer Review)

  • MOTION DETECTION: Geo-Fencing and Advanced Motion Detection.
  • FIELD OF VIEW: 170 degree Horizontal and 90 degree Vertical orientation.
  • COLOR: Black body with Silver Trim edges.
  • VIDEO: 1080 HD IR Day & Night Vision
  • POWER: 3 Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • DIMENSIONS: 65mm x 27mm x 128mm (2.6inches x 1.1inches x 5.1inches)
  • AUDIO: 2 Way Talk System with ANC
  • CONNECTIVITY: 802.11 Wi-Fi Connection

What’s inside the Door Ringer package?

  1. Door Ringer video doorbell Camera.
  2. Installation Tools and Screws.
  3. A Security Sticker.
  4. User Manual and a quick starter guide.


Door Ringer Pricing

The Price of one unit door ringer is $99.99. Although for those buying more than one unit, the company offered additional discounts. Below is a complete breakdown of the door ringer price by quantity:

  • Buy 1 Door Ringer for $99.99
  • Buy 2 Door Ringers for $149.99
  • Buy 2 + Get 2 Battery Kits for $190.00

Where To Buy Door Ringer Video Doorbell Camera?

Currently, the door ringer video doorbell camera is yet not out for sale on Amazon and other online shopping stores, however, you can always buy from the companies store and be good. Use the link attached to this review to visit the Door Ringer official store.

Door Ringer Camera Company Support

Comapany legal name: NH Discounts.

Company Official website:

Company official Address: PO Box 448, Atkinson, NH 03811

Supprt Email:

Support Contact Phone number: (603) 696 3293


How to setup Door ringer camera

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to setup door ringer camera for an effective surveillance protection.


Open the package and bring out all the door ringer components.


If the door ringer camera you purchased is wireless, then you will need to download mobile app from either playstore or the apple store.


After downloading and installing the mobile app, connect the door ringer to your phone using the App.


Mount the Door ringer camera at any of your preferred target. You can mount it at the front of your entrance door, around your garden, office entrance, or anywhere you feel the device would be more helpful.


Test and confirm that everything is working fine. If yes, you are good to go. You can always walk around your premises with your phone and whenever someone is at the target area, expect to get a beep of notification on the go.

How Does Door Ringer Camera Work?

A Door Ringer video doorbell camera is a type of surveillance camera. Its primary function is to assist homeowners in relaying visual data between a visitor and the door ringer camera controller. While some door ringer cameras are hardwired, others feature a rechargeable battery and additional advanced features.

It utilizes Wi-Fi connectivity and transmits real-time video to your smartphone or tablet via the mobile application through the use of Wi-Fi. The App is available for both Android and iOS devices. If you have an Android phone, you can download it from the Google Play Store; if you have an Apple phone, you can download it from the iOS Store.

One of the most significant issues with battery-powered door ringer camera is that some have short-lasting batteries, while others can operate for months without needing to be recharged. Despite this, the wireless version continues to outsell the wired version due to their low cost and ease of installation – To summarize, wireless door ringer video doorbells offers more convenient features, have extended battery lasting lifespan, requires no subscription and are simple to install (Do by yourself video doorbell).

After mounting your door ringer camera, you can resume your daily activities and let the door ringer serve as a reminder whenever something occurs within the area of coverage. When someone approaches your door, you receive a notification, and you can then easily determine whether or not to let the person into your house/office. You can also communicate with the individual via phone and at your convenience.

Is the Door Ringer camera a Scam?

No, Door Ringer is not Scam. All though different companies are currently coming up with several fractions of door ringer cameras, for this door ringer review, our concern is directed to the door ringer camera which is produced and marketed by NH Discounts. It is the original door ringer video doorbell and is only available for sale on the company’s official website.

We know that as a persistent online buyer, you just need to checkout scam reports before you make a decision to buy a door ringer camera – this makes you a genius in the online market.

Although, there might be individual measures that people consider while labeling products scams. Notwithstanding, we have outlined a few of the cons we saw with the door ringer cameras that we listed here. So make your decisions worthwhile.

While some Video doorbell cameras are crammed with features and possibly more expensive to buy, others are have poor camera quality; bad connection, have a shorter usage term, send out late alerts, and may not have a camera that can see from all angles. The Door Ringer Video doorbell is exceptionally different as it beats its competitors both in price and quality features.


Why should you buy Door Ringer Camera? (Door Ringer Reviews)

There are hundreds and more reasons why you should have a door ringer camera surveillance system installed at your home or office — from having an ideal home or office security and monitoring system to adding beauty to your apartment or office.

Nobody wishes to be robbed or murdered coldly. This is why video doorbells are advantageous. Homeowners feel more secure when they are able to offer personal securities to a greater extent. These are additional reasons why many people are now opting for it. The joy of being in a place while maintaining complete control over everything that happens in and around your home and office cannot be overstated.

Customer Reviews of Door Ringer Video Doorbell Camera

These are what customers who have purchased and currently using door ringer has to say:

“I can’t believe it’s been this long since I purchased a video doorbell! The best investment I’ve made for our home! Installation was straightforward. I added the doorbell speaker so I can hear it even when I’m not carrying my phone! Many thanks, Video Doorbell Door Ringer!” – From Alexa, United States (US)

“I’ve been hearing a lot about smart doorbells lately. I live alone in a large duplex, and I’ve always had the challenge of answering visitors often and on at the doors, and on checking I discover that it’s a passer-by or another person mistaking my house for someone else’s.

It was becoming increasingly aggravating and irritating until I came across Door Ringer Video Doorbell Camera online. I ordered and it has made a significant difference in my life. I’m now able to communicate with visitors or anyone at the door without walking all the way to my front door.” – From Nichola, Canada (CA)

“The Door Ringer has proven to be an extremely useful surveilance device for me. I’ve been using smart doorbells for quite some time, but Door Ringer is a step above the rest. The videos are crystal clear, the night vision is excellent, and it is extremely effective at detecting the presence of intruders.

I highly recommend it, but the only issue I have is that I’m attempting to order another for my back door and it’s been out of stock for quite some time. However, I was able to place a pre-order for the next batch.” – From Jon F, United Kingdom (UK)

“A couple weeks ago, a package was stolen from our front porch. After installing the Door Ringer video doorbell, I am able to monitor all package deliveries while I am at work. I have video evidence if they attempt to steal another package! I’m feeling more confident about leaving my house now.” – From Michael R, United States (US)

“A friend told me about Door Ringer Video Doorbell Camera. I purchased out of curiosity after witnessing her excitement over the device’s utility. It assisted me in catching a stalker who would walk around my apartment peeping through my windows and keyhole in less than a month. Who knows what danger I would have faced had it not been for the Door Ringer Video Doorbell Camera?” – From Anonymous, Australia (AU)


Final words on Door Ringer Video Doorbell Camera Review

(Door Ringer Reviews)

To begin, we’d like to congratulate you on having the fortitude to read our unbiased opinion on the Door ringer reviews. It demonstrates that you genuinely care about what you want and would never accept anything less. We tried to cover everything you seek in this door ringer review, it’s time for you to make buying decision.

Since its inception in 2022, the door ringer has been the most popular video doorbell that never requires subscription to run, yet offers quality crazy features for a one-off purchase. The Door Ringer Doorbell has largely received favorable customer reviews.

Consumers value the high-definition video and the ability to interact with visitors from any location in real-time. The video quality is exceptional, and the adjustable field of view ensures that you capture the majority of what occurs in front of your target areas.

Before purchasing a video door bell, there are a number of important factors to consider. While some have attractive features but are prohibitively expensive to purchase, others are subpar smart doorbells that are a scam. Certain doorbells have a low-quality camera, a slow connection, delayed notifications, a limited usage period, and a camera that does not cover all angles.

Consider the following factors before purchasing a video doorbell for your home. However, the door ringer outperforms all of these features at an unbelievable price. We recommend that you purchase it and, if you are dissatisfied, submit a return ticket within 30 days of product deliver and get a full refund from the company.



All contents and information on this page were researched and published in good faith and for general information purposes only. Door Ringer and website management have no hand in its creation. Contents, including graphics and text, are subject to change without prior notice to readers.

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