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Don’t Panic, The Next Best ‘Mint’ Alternative is Here

Software company Intuit Inc. has recently announced that Mint, the popular budgeting app, is set to be discontinued at the start of 2024, and its users are being directed towards Credit Karma, another financial service that Intuit acquired in 2020. 

Intuit’s decision to shut Mint down comes as a surprise to many, as the app had gained a substantial user base over the years for its features that allowed individuals to effortlessly track their personal spending and income. However, Credit Karma has emerged as the designated replacement for Mint, offering a similar set of tools and services to help users continue their financial journey. While this transition may have raised concerns for Mint’s loyal user base, there’s a silver lining in the form of Sequence, the groundbreaking financial router that’s here to revolutionize personal finance management.

The World’s First Financial Router Enters the Scene

Sequence, touted as the world’s first financial router, empowers users with the ability to visualize their cash flow, establish smart routing rules, and take full control over the distribution of their finances across various accounts. This groundbreaking product is reshaping the FinTech industry by seamlessly integrating numerous financial services, enabling users to efficiently manage their financial activities within a unified platform.


Sequence bridges the gap between consumers and small business owners in managing their finances across different platforms. The platform enables people to programmatically manage all their finances, offering the capability to move money from one place to another, and create if-this-and-that scenarios that adapt to individual financial needs. With Sequence, users can have a comprehensive view of their entire financial landscape in one place. All their platforms, from banks and apps to credit cards, are interconnected.


In essence, Sequence mobilizes one’s finances in a way that makes sense, putting them in control of what their money does and where it goes. The Sequence team firmly believes that this is the key to achieving financial freedom, and their product is designed to make that vision a reality.

It’s Built on Your Rules

Sequence adds a layer of flexibility and customization in personal financial management by allowing users to set rules based on their specific financial goals and needs. Whether it’s a monthly transfer to a savings account, a weekly allocation to a retirement fund, or any other financial action, Sequence’s rule-based system can accommodate it all. Users can easily inquire about the balance of their rainy day funds, swiftly make transfers, and ensure that all their financial data is synchronized across their accounts, providing peace of mind and transparency.


As the personal finance landscape continues to evolve, it’s essential for users to adapt to new tools and services that can enhance their financial well-being. While the discontinuation of Mint may have initially caused concern for many, Sequence has emerged as the next best alternative. With its innovative approach to financial management, comprehensive integration of various financial services, and rule-based system, Sequence offers Mint users an exciting new way to take control of their finances.



As Intuit Inc. prepares to phase out Mint, Sequence is poised to usher in a new era of personal finance management. Its unique features and user-centric approach provide a promising alternative for those seeking a seamless and comprehensive solution to managing their financial affairs. So, don’t panic – the next best ‘Mint’ alternative is here, and it’s called Sequence.

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