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Donk.Meme Presale Raises 300 SOL In 48 Hours, The Next $BOME On Solana?, a new and promising Solana-based meme coin has raised an impressive 300 $SOL in just 48 hours of it’s $DONKM token sale that started Friday, March 22, 2024.

The Dynamic pricing presale has an allocation of 70% of the total token supply up for early birds.

$DONKM, the token behind the Donk.MEME project inspired by the donkey from Shrek, boasts a total fixed supply of 1 billion, ensuring its deflationary nature.

Beyond its obvious meme appeal, $DONKM token will be utilized within the Donk.Meme ecosystem, enhancing its value proposition to the presale participants.

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Donk.Meme Token Presale Details:

The presale is set to run for 21-day days with no minimum or maximum purchase limits.

With 70% of the total token supply allocated to the presale, the remaining 30% will be used to bolster liquidity on listing after the presale.

The Donk.Meme presale is live, you can access it by visiting

Donk.Meme’s strategic approach ensures a launch that is not just about financial gains but also about fostering a strong, engaged community. By avoiding token allocations for the team or insiders, the project prioritizes market fairness and stability, paving the way for a genuinely community-driven journey.

Presale Contributors will receive $DONKM tokens proportional to their SOL investment after the 21 day presale has ended.

Following the presale, $DONKM will pair with SOL and be used to supply LP on Raydium, emphasizing community governance and market stability by avoiding team or insider allocations.

Unprecedented Community Growth and Exchange Interest

Since its announcement, Donk.Meme has experienced explosive social media growth, amassing nearly 3500 members across various platforms. This surge in popularity has not gone unnoticed, as multiple exchanges have already reached out to the Donk.Meme team regarding potential listings.

This interest from exchanges so early in the project’s life cycle is a testament to its potential and the buzz it’s generating in the crypto community.

Engage and Be Rewarded: DAO Leaderboard and NFT Drops

In a move to further engage the community and incentivize participation, Donk.Meme is introducing a DAO leaderboard that will highlight the highest SOL contributors in the coming days.

This leaderboard isn’t just for show; holders featured on it will be eligible for exclusive NFT drops, adding an extra layer of excitement and reward for early supporters. While contributions of any amount in SOL are welcome, a minimum investment of 5 SOL is required to have a shot at appearing on the leaderboard and snagging some free NFTs.

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Engage with the Donk.Meme Community:

Stay updated with the latest on $DONKM by joining our Telegram & Discord channels.

The Future of Donk Meme Coin

With a growing community of supporters, Donk.Meme is poised to make a lasting impact on the cryptocurrency landscape.

With meme coins like $WIF, $BONK, and $BOME achieving rapid success on major platforms, is poised to chart a similar course.

So, if you’re looking for an opportunity to be an early investor in the next big meme coin on Solana, look no further than Donk.Meme.

This presale offers significant growth potential for the new Solana meme coin, inviting both seasoned investors and crypto newcomers to seize a unique opportunity to become an early bird.

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