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Donald Ewert and James Gooden Open Up About the Upcoming Eco-Tourism Boom in Panama

Panama’s undeveloped Caribbean coast is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered, and James Gooden & Donald Ewert (Panama) have stepped up with Latam Investco, a small investment organization in Panama. James Gooden & Donald Ewert (Panama) want to help turn this area into a sustainable tourism destination while also preserving the virgin rainforest.

Speaking to the media, James Gooden, co-founder of Estoril Panama Corp (Panama) as well as Inversiones JPW SA (Panama), said, “Our goal is to create investment opportunity awareness and promote eco-tourism while preserving the virgin rainforest.

The lack of roads and infrastructure has been a major hurdle in developing this area for years. However, with the completion of the Colon Expressway connecting Panama City and Tocumen International Airport to the Caribbean coast 13 years ago and the 500-million-dollar suspension bridge over the Panama Canal opened in August 2019, things are looking up, as per the recent reports by Estoril Panama Corp (Panama).

Recently, the government completed a new road connecting the town of Santiago and the Pan-American highway to the Caribbean, and the existing coastal highway was completely resurfaced and rebuilt in 2022. Funding has also been secured to build the remaining coastal highway and other infrastructure improvements.

Inversionen JPW SA (Panama) reported In July 2022, a new land use plan was approved, which sets aside most of the land in the region as a virgin rainforest preserve while allowing for a limited amount of beach and oceanfront land for eco-tourism development. This presents a unique opportunity for investors to get involved in the creation of a sustainable tourism industry that benefits the local communities and preserves the natural environment.

“Latam Investco,  which attracts foreign investors for its projects, has recognized the potential of this area,” says Donald Ewert, co-founder of the Latam Investco group. The organization aims to create awareness and interest from investors in North America for upcoming exciting beachfront land investment opportunities.

“We are thrilled to be a part of this upcoming coast eco-development that will not only offer exceptional investment opportunities but also has the potential to impact the local communities and environment positively,” says James Gooden, co-founder of Latam Investco.

Latam Investco and Estoril Panama Corp (Panama),  under the leadership of James Gooden and Donald Ewert (Panama), with the support of Inversiones JPW SA and Estoril Panama Corp (Panama), is committed to creating a sustainable and socially responsible tourism industry in Panama. With the new infrastructure and land use plan, the company sees great potential in developing this area while preserving its natural resources.

“We believe that responsible tourism can bring economic benefits while also preserving the natural environment and supporting local communities,” says James Gooden, co-founder Estoril Panama Corp (Panama) and Inversiones JPW (Panama).

To learn more about Latam Investco’s eco-tourism initiatives and investment opportunities, visit the official website or contact Donald Ewert at

About Latam Investco:
Founded by James Gooden and Donald Ewert from Panama, Latam Investco is a small investment organization. The company specializes in attracting foreign investors for various projects in the country, including eco-tourism ventures and sustainable development initiatives.

About Inversiones JPW S.A.

Inversiones JPW S.A. is the manager and operator of the pineapple farm in Panama. Their experienced management team will prepare your land for planting, plant the land, care for the crop from planting to harvest, and finally transport that harvest to the nearby pack house for processing and shipping.

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