Domini Presale Hits Record Highs While Aptos and Optimism Struggle to Match


Aptos ($APT) recorded a minor price dip in the last week of August, and experts say the token may be headed for an extended bear run in Q4 2023. Similarly, Optimism ($OP) experienced a decline during this period, pushing the market to a better alternative. Right now, savvy investors say the best crypto investment for reliable ROI in 2023 is Domini. Let’s see how investors are backing Domini ($DOMI).   

Domini Sells Over 11 Million Tokens at Presale Beta Stage

Domini  is a blockchain-based art marketplace built to democratize ownership of high-end blue-chip artworks. As a decentralized art marketplace, $DOMI brings prestigious artworks to investors from all backgrounds, allowing them to make fractional investments in these high-end pieces.

This system brings more liquidity to the art industry while ensuring transparency. All artworks on Domini are tokenized into popular NFTs to give each one a unique digital identity.

Domini offers many benefits, including special discounts and promotions on transaction fees, trading costs, and platform services to give you the perfect art investment platform. $DOMI is currently in its presale beta stage, and the token is selling for $0.0021. When all presale stages conclude, $DOMI will list on major crypto exchanges, sell for $0.0154, and deliver a 340% ROI to early investors.  

Aptos Schedules Major Token Unlock for Q4 2023

On September 1, 2023, Token Unlocks (a cryptocurrency tokenomics monitoring platform) revealed that Aptos ($APT) will unlock 10.89% of its total circulating supply on November 12, 2023. This token unlock will release $143 million worth of $APT tokens. According to Token Unlocks, the Aptos assets will be released to members of the Aptos network, including investors, core contributors, and the community.

Token Unlocks reports that the total sum of $APT tokens to be allocated is 24,842,392.93. Aptos price lost 2.18% going into September. On August 25, 2023, the coin traded at 5.66, and is selling for $5.48 as of press time. Analysts predict the $APT token unlock will flood supply and push the token’s price down in Q4 2023.  

Optimism Welcomes Major Stablecoin, USDC

Recently Circle, issuer of $USDC stablecoin, announced a strategic partnership with Optimism ($OP). Circle said that $USDC will be launched on Optimism’s ecosystem and stablecoins issued by Circle will be native to Optimism’s mainnet. Analysts expect $OP to benefit significantly from this partnership as it will create more liquidity pools for decentralized Optimism blockchain applications.

In addition to Optimism, Circle is also launching USDC on top defi projects NEAR, Polkadot, Cosmos, and Base. However, $OP remains on a bearish trajectory with the token shedding 7.30% in the last week of August. On August 25, $OP traded at $1.50, and is valued at $1.34 as of today. Analysts say $OP could surge in Q4 2023 thanks to ecosystem expansion.

For Info about $DOMI, visit the Domini presale or Join the Community

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