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Creating a working site involves performing a number of manipulations. One of the first steps is domain name registration. Domain – this is the address, entering which in the browser line opens the selected resource. The simplicity and recognizability of the domain name is one of the keys to the successful operation of the site. It is easy for users to find it on the network, which increases traffic. Result: the right domain is reflected in the overall profit of the company.

An important point: when creating a website, you must also choose the right domain zone. These are the two main parameters that determine the volume of traffic and, as a result, business development.

Choosing a domain zone: expert advice

Domain zone – several letters at the end of the platform name. Depending on the option chosen, it indicates that the resource belongs to a particular country (ua is Ukraine, eu is the European Union, other states follow the same principle). Alternative: the domain zone demonstrates the features of the portal. A popular example: .com is a page with a commercial focus.

Expert advice: when choosing a domain zone, it is worth starting from the specifics of the company and its future development. A detailed approach will help reduce costs when registering a site. If a business plans to go international, then it makes sense to register in the .com domain zone. If we talk only about informational activities, with content only for users of their country, then a domain zone with a regional affiliation is allowed.

How to choose a domain name

A prerequisite, without which register a cheap domain name does not work, its uniqueness stands out. There are no platforms with the same names on the network, so it is important to choose wisely. What if the desired domain name is already taken?

Helpful Hints:

  • add numbers (ideally, use dates on symbolic numbers, which will make the domain unique and become a kind of hallmark of the resource);
  • add thematic words (illustrative examples: for online stores it is appropriate to include the words shop or market; domains with company or store attract attention);
  • show imagination (based on the features of the site, it is recommended to add love, online, club or other words that help in identification to its domain name).

Expert opinion: in order to achieve the uniqueness of a domain name, it is not necessary to deliberately spell the company name with errors or add prefixes and suffixes. With a high probability, such a decision will confuse the user.

Alternative option: buy a domain name. In this case, you can choose any domain, taking into account the peculiarities of the company. The cost of unique domain names remains at an affordable level, making it easy to find the best option.

Domain registration: features

The choice of an attractive domain is one of the main factors contributing to the promotion of the portal. Verified Domain name registrar will help you find the best solution at an affordable price. Attentive attitude to clients and a reasonable approach to choosing a domain (you should always remember the territorial affiliation and the specifics of the platform) guarantee the achievement of the desired effect.

Key point: working with a domain name registrar reduces the time to resolve organizational issues. The customer has the opportunity to quickly start creating high-quality content and filling the site, which will affect its attractiveness to customers and, as a result, increase traffic and increase profits.

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