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Doing Fine Art Shipping on a Budget 

Being an art connoisseur you are well aware of the value of packing, shipping, and storing art items, be it locally or globally. It is an undeniable fact that, unlike other goods and valuables, transporting art items is a daunting task, not just because of the value attached but the complexity involved in safe and secure delivery. Ask any logistics expert for fine art shipping and he will share an endless list of dos and don’ts to ensure safe and secure movement of precious art items. Whether you are an artist, collector, or simply a fine arts fan, your art piece is worth nothing if it doesn’t reach the destination in the desired condition.

Although fine artwork shipping is overlooked, ignoring the technicalities involved and expertise required in shipping artworks could be a nightmare if you are not working with an artwork shipping company of repute. Frankly, there is no room for any possibility of damage in shipping artworks, so you should keep a few things in mind while looking for the best artwork logistics company near you. Working with an artwork shipping company has benefits, but you should be very careful in selecting them before handing over your masterpiece for transportation.  

Know Your Art  

Your search for an artwork shipping company will depend on the type of art piece you want to ship, and the cost will vary accordingly. Of course, volume and distance will affect the transportation cost, but most importantly you should look for the safe-delivery track record of the concerned artworks shipping company. Whether it is your single masterpiece or the whole collection or a unique sculpture, you should be aware of the materials, condition, dimensions, age, and legality involved for safe transportation.

Risk Analysis 

Your passion for collecting masterpieces and showcasing them to admirers is one thing, but you should always analyze the risk involved in moving artworks from one location to another. It is a fact that despite the best possible packaging and meticulous handling of artworks, mistakes do happen and artworks get damaged due to unforeseen reasons. Any reputable artwork shipping company will ensure that the best packaging materials are used to avoid the possibility of damage caused by humidity, sunlight, and temperature. You must not forget to enquire about the expertise and training of the team involved in the packaging and handling of art pieces.

Cost Matters 

You know the value of your artwork, so don’t go for cheaper options as anything that is cheap has its own hidden cost, mostly in the form of higher risk. It doesn’t mean you should spend millions only on transporting. You should go for the best both in terms of quality and of course the cost. It is all about the smart deal. If you see huge cost variance in quotes, you should better ask about packaging materials to be used and make sure your target company is using the best according to the type of artwork.  

Value Expertise 

Unlike the past, modern logistics is all about delivering goods with minimum risk of damage. Logistics requires special training for error-free execution, but when it comes to transporting artworks it requires not just special training but passion for fine arts. While looking for the best fine arts shipping in your city you should check the track record of the company and the team involved in the process of fine art logistics.

Insurance is Must 

No one can predict unforeseen eventualities, so it is always better to go for art insurance. Despite the best of care in packaging and handling artworks, the possibility of damage cannot be denied. Getting your artwork insured gives you much-needed protection against possible damages and theft. Spending on third-party insurance keeps you away from undue stress.

You are a master of your own craft, and you know the value of expertise in any field. So, when you are looking for a logistics company to ship your art collection, you should go for those with expertise in handling masterpieces. Cost matters, but saving a few hundred dollars at an increased risk of damage is definitely not a great choice. Go for the best, you know what it takes to be the Best!

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