Dogetti And OKB Rock The Crypto Market


The crypto community is seeing the rise of several newcomers, and the worldwide utility coin – OKB has shown its might by becoming one of the leading cryptocurrencies in the market. Dogetti (DETI) is one of the latest meme coins to hit the market, which has created a buzz amongst the crypto community with its exciting presale.

This article aims to go into depth as to how the burning of $258M of OKB Tokens, the price prediction of OKB, has affected the market in comparison to the new mafia-themed Dogetti’s successful presale.

The Leader Of The Pack: Dogetti

Dogetti (DETI) is the latest meme coin that has been making headlines with its exciting presale. It utilizes the Ethereum network and is a unique meme coin that has created a space that brings wealth and belonging to everyone in the community. The community of users is named “The Family”. The platform is highly secure as it’s built on Ethereum as you can work on other platforms, providing a dynamic ecosystem and high liquidity.

The major goal of Dogetti, which was inspired by the popular Dogecoin, is to create a setting where the family can raise their entire net value. The family members can sign up for DogettiSwap, where users receive free tokens for each transaction. The ecosystem uses the tried-and-true Ethereum blockchain to power its operations, guaranteeing the security of all cryptocurrency transactions. Dogetti uses decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), which provides every member of the family an equal voice in how the ecosystem functions. This improves the system and genuinely encourages local ownership.

Furthermore, since 2% of each transaction is returned to token holders, community members can accrue more tokens in their wallets simply by hanging onto their existing tokens. 

In order to preserve the project’s long-term viability, Dogetti additionally makes sure that 2% is divided equally between the liquidity and burn wallets. A percentage of each sale is donated to a charity of the Dogetti family’s choice, demonstrating their commitment to giving back to the community. 

The Dogetti family makes sure to demonstrate commitment to new members by providing an additional 25% incentive each time you buy coins with the provided code, “‘WISEGUY25”, and the fun part is, Dogetti NFTs are a fun collection of adorable digital puppies.

Did The Burn Put Out The Fire For OKB?

The leading cryptocurrency exchange offers a large range of services from NFT products to decentralized finance, spot and derivatives trading. The ecosystem is powered by OKB by providing fees for trading, staking rewards, and access to products exclusive to the platform. 

OKB is popular among traders and users due to the utility and security of the exchange. The token is also doing well in the market, with an increase in value since the year 2022. Owning OKB tokens gives a lot of benefits to the user as you get access and discount for various products available on the platform. 

OKB has recently burned $258 million in OKB tokens in a 3 month period between March and May. The strategic move by OKB has surged the demand for OKB tokens and has hiked up the value of OKB tokens from $44 to $45. The tokens have seen an ascent of 1.4%, with the market capitalization going up by $2.6 billion, as they continue to rule the crypto market.

OKB has considerably proven its successful track record with its current market trends, its unique features, and momentous ecosystem fundamentals has proven its might in the market. 

Dogetti brings a refreshing twist with its spot-on branding and dynamic ecosystem, which facilitates a coin that is controlled and owned by the community. The meme coin shares a far larger purpose by introducing a 2% reflection protocol with the express goal of largely shifting wealth to the De-Fi ecosystem.

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