Dogemama: One of the Most Successful New Crypto Token in 2021

As the cryptocurrency craze reaches new heights, thousand of new cryptocurrencies were minted in 2021. With Dogecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin all reaching all-time-highs in 2021, thousands are hopeful to create their own billion-dollar token.

Dogemama is a memecoin in the same vein as Dogecoin, Shiba Token. However, it is built on a more environmentally and efficient framework which is Binance Smart Chain. It has 50% faster transactional speed than Ethereum at a fraction of the transaction cost.

Dogemama launched on the 26th of August to an unprecedented response by the crypto community. Comparatively to other tokens with a lot of noise and paid celebrity endorsements, Dogemama had a relatively quiet media outreach before its launch. Even so, with a solid foundation, smart tokenomics and clear vision, Dogemamaattracted thousands of investors on day 1 and seen its token price rise by more than 150% within the first 24 hours.

Learning from the mistakes of Dogecoin, namely its lack of decentralization, Dogemama addressed this problem and designed their token accordingly. Dogemama’s tokenomicstakes on Dogecoin’s tokenomics in adopting a rather deflationary transaction and supply model alongside a 1-3 year vesting period to assure that no small group of holders are able to dictate the market and price for the rest of the 99.9%, while also providing transparent assurance that all investors are in this together, and for the long-run.

With a growing Twitter, Facebook, Telegram following, Dogemama and its community will be busy and active in the coming months as they put their 3 year plan in motion.

As they ramp up marketing efforts, they have plans to list the token at various reputable exchanges, as well as form partnerships with companies to run promotions and to utilize the token as a form of currency.

A dedicated team has been setup to serve their charitable cause of providing financial aid to single mothers and families in need worldwide. Dogemama pledged to donate 2.5% of all tokens to charities, namely, EveryMotherCounts whose cause is to help mothers in-need around the world.

In the next month, Dogemama is also poised to launch a dedicated investor portal, the first of its kind in the cryptocurrency world. This web portal will educate the community, run promotions,  giveaways and various attractive referral programs to allow all backers to grow with the project exponentially.

You can learn more about Dogemama and keep up to date on their happenings at their official website and various social platforms.

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