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Dogecoin Whale With $10,000,000 Bag is Accumulating a New Altcoin, Believes It Will Outperform DOGE in 2024


The cryptocurrency market has seen significant fluctuations and trends, with various tokens gaining and losing value rapidly. Dogecoin (DOGE), a popular meme coin, has experienced its own share of highs and lows. Recently, a notable DOGE whale, who holds a $10,000,000 bag, has shifted their attention to a new altcoin, Retik Finance (RETIK). This move has sparked curiosity and speculation among investors and market analysts. The whale believes that Retik Finance has the potential to outperform Dogecoin in 2024.

The Rise of Dogecoin and Whale Activity

The journey of Dogecoin from a joke to a significant player in the crypto market is nothing short of remarkable. Over the past month, DOGE successfully crossed the $0.22 level for the first time since November 2021, driven by a surge in trading activity. This resulted in a 33% increase in its price, outperforming prominent cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. The price rise was largely attributed to increased activity by whales, as noted by crypto analyst Ali Martinez. Whale wallets, holding between 10 million and 100 million DOGE tokens, have been steadily growing their holdings. According to Martinez, over the course of two weeks, Dogecoin whales accumulated 1.40 billion DOGE, equivalent to around $280 million.

The Shift to Retik Finance (RETIK)

Despite the recent success of Dogecoin, the whale with a $10,000,000 DOGE bag has started accumulating Retik Finance (RETIK). This shift indicates a strategic move to diversify their portfolio and capitalize on new opportunities within the crypto space. Retik Finance is a revolutionary blockchain project that aims to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and traditional fiat worlds, providing seamless financial transactions across both realms.

What is Retik Finance (RETIK)?

Retik Finance leverages cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions to redefine financial interactions. Its core features and offerings include:

  • Decentralized Payment Network: Retik Finance utilizes open-source protocols and decentralized smart contracts to construct crypto-fiat bridging systems. These systems offer secure, convenient, and scalable global payment solutions, empowering participants in both fiat and crypto ecosystems.
  • SwiftPay and Multilevel Accounts: Retik Finance facilitates large-scale commercial applications with features like SwiftPay, enabling automated RETIK transfers and authorizations for payees. It also supports multilevel accounts for efficient financial management.
  • Support Functions: Retik Finance provides efficient and knowledgeable operational support, ensuring a smooth user experience.
  • Crypto Bridging: Instead of aiming to eliminate fiat currency, Retik Finance builds an interface that seamlessly connects the fiat and crypto worlds, acknowledging the complexities of both systems.

Vision and Mission

Retik Finance (RETIK) envisions a future characterized by financial empowerment, dependability, and transparency. It aims to dismantle barriers and ensure global financial inclusion, benefiting individuals, enterprises, institutions, and governments. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, Retik Finance seeks to foster seamless connections between cryptocurrency and traditional fiat payment systems.

The project’s mission includes:

  • Decentralization: Enhancing inclusivity and reducing transaction costs through decentralized protocols.
  • Security: Prioritizing security with blockchain-based credit scoring systems.
  • Sustainability: Driving sustainable evolution within the ecosystem through innovation and governance mechanisms.
  • Low Cost & High Efficiency: Streamlining operations with smart contracts for enhanced efficiency.

The Whale’s Strategy: Accumulating Retik Finance (RETIK)

The DOGE whale’s decision to accumulate Retik Finance is based on several factors. Firstly, the innovative nature of Retik Finance aligns with the Whale’s strategy of investing in groundbreaking projects. Secondly, the recent successful launch of Retik Finance on multiple centralized exchanges (CEXs) has significantly increased its visibility and liquidity, making it an attractive investment.

Successful Launch on Multiple CEXs

The launch of Retik Finance on May 21 was a pivotal moment for the project. Within hours, the market capitalization soared to nearly $3 billion, and the token price hit an all-time high of $3. This represented a 2000% increase from its launch price and a 10000% surge from its presale stage. The coin was listed on several prominent CEXs, including MEXC, LBank, Diginifex, Bitmart, CoinW, and P2B, enhancing its market reach and credibility. The initial trading activity saw a surge in volume and price, indicating strong demand and investor interest. This positive trend is expected to continue, driven by the strategic move to list on multiple CEXs, which provide user-friendly interfaces, advanced trading tools, and higher regulatory compliance.

Potential for Outperformance in 2024

The DOGE whale’s confidence in Retik Finance’s potential to outperform DOGE in 2024 is based on several key indicators:

  • Innovation and Utility: The ability of Retik Finance to bridge the gap between fiat and cryptosystems addresses a critical need in the market, potentially leading to widespread adoption.
  • Strong Market Response: The overwhelmingly positive response to the launch and subsequent trading activity of Retik Finance highlights its potential for growth.
  • Strategic Partnerships and Listings: The multiple CEX listings not only enhance liquidity but also signal market confidence in the project.


The Dogecoin whale’s shift to accumulating Retik Finance highlights a strategic move towards diversifying its investment portfolio and capitalizing on emerging opportunities. The innovative solutions, successful market entry, and strong support of Retik Finance from influential investors position it as a promising contender in the cryptocurrency market.  As the project continues to develop and gain traction, it holds the potential to outperform Dogecoin in 2024. Investors and market observers will be keenly watching the progress of Retik Finance, anticipating significant developments in the coming year.

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