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Dogecoin & PancakeSwap’s Massive Raffle Coin Investment: Decoding the Rush & 20X Predictions

According to multiple sources, a lot of Dogecoin and Pancake Swap investors are eyeing a big investment in Raffle Coin’s April presale. Raffle Coin is a project that aims to give back to its holders, with its initial holders getting the best deals. Become a VIP for only $10,000 invested and enjoy all the benefits from this project.

Dogecoin, the king of memecoins?

Dogecoin is the pioneer of the memecoin industry, making substantial gains every year. During this bull run, Dogecoin was doing incredible, making more than 9.76% gains even in the previous month. After going up to $0.22 recently, Dogecoin finds itself at $0.182 after a small recession during the past week. X has been blowing up lately, with many people claiming that we are about to witness another memecoin season post Bitcoin halving, as Bitcoin’s price might drag most of the top projects down with him.

Dogecoin and Shiba Inu have shown almost no correlation to Bitcoin, even though they find themselves in the top 15 projects by market cap. The percentages that Doge managed throughout this bull run were nothing short of amazing and it allowed room for projects like PEPE and BONK to also do incredible runs. Right now, Dogecoin’s future looks a lot better than most of the top 15 projects and it seems like people never get bored of the “old dog.”.

PancakeSwap’s recent pushes

PancakeSwap has been moving very similarly to Dogecoin recently, experiencing losses and gains with about the same percentages. Considering most of the lower end meme coins are accessible only on the swapping platforms, if a memecoin bull run is about to happen, you also want to make sure you hold some PancakeSwap tokens.

PancakeSwap’s current price of $4 is far away from the $4.8 from just a couple of days ago. Many indicators suggest a couple of steady days with a very indecisive future. A slight chance of a boom exists, but it has to be supported by a memecoin run. Overall, it isn’t impossible to see PancakeSwap up the rankings soon but at this moment, its future, as with the whole crypto market, is unclear.

Where does Raffle come into play?

Investors in Dogecoin and PancakeSwap have been deeply interested in Raffle Coin and the idea of decentralizing raffles. The two primary benefits, lower costs and quicker withdrawals further encourage customers from throughout the world to participate in the presale. In addition, regardless of the amount they own, all presale holders have the ability to actively engage in decision making and voice their ideas about what should be changed.

Since the audit was successful, it is safe to assume that all transactions are secure and transparent and that there won’t be any rug pulls anytime soon. Team tokens will be locked for two years and liquidity will be locked for eternity. It wouldn’t surprise me if Raffle Coin quickly becomes a well known cryptocurrency. For the price of just $0.020, Raffle is one of the hottest investments you can make this month.

Check out the official website of Raffle Coin to find out more.

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