Dogecoin Enthusiasts Gear Up for Moon Landing Event; Chainlink & InQubeta Receive Strong Backing

InQubeta Receive Strong Backing

Dogecoin (DOGE) might be one of the best meme coins to invest in as cryptocurrency experts suggest the upcoming liftoff of the DOGE-1 spacecraft and the insertion into the Lunar orbit that follows could see the most popular meme coin’s prices skyrocket. The entire DOGE-1 project is funded completely by Dogecoin. 

Some experts are also calling InQubeta (QUBE) a top crypto to invest in as its presale soars past the $8.3 milestone. The ambitious DeFi crypto coin looks to open up access to investment opportunities focused on AI. It aims to provide a hassle-free alternative to mainstream investment avenues. 

Chainlink (LINK) was a good crypto investment in 2023, bringing investors over 127% returns. Its ecosystem allows blockchain systems to interact with external data sources, considerably increasing the capability of smart contracts. 

Popular NFT crypto InQubeta (QUBE) seeks to redefine the investment space 

The InQubeta project solves a significant problem by providing an alternative way to invest in AI. Mainstream investment channels often come with income and net worth requirements a large portion of the world’s population can’t meet. This forces them to miss out on the lucrative investment opportunities on these platforms. 

InQubeta intends to democratize AI investments by making it easy for anyone who wants to invest in startups to access such opportunities. AI is on course to be the most significant tech revolution the world has ever seen and it will bring investors considerable profits in the coming years. 

AI’s role in our lives is increasing quickly as the rate at which the technology is adopted rises exponentially. Cities like San Francisco already have driverless taxis, and this is just the start of the AI revolution. 

A better way to invest

Investors don’t have to navigate around obstacles to earn access to investment opportunities on the InQubeta network. They simply buy some QUBE, which can be acquired with credit/debit cards and popular top crypto coins

QUBE is used to buy ERC20 coins on the NFT marketplace. These tokens represent investment opportunities and they’re made by the different AI startup companies looking to fundraise. They are digital proof of the opportunities and rewards they promise and their authenticity can easily be verified on the blockchain., 

These ERC20 coins are fractionalized on the marketplace so investors can invest as little as they choose. These fractionalized tokens can be resold anytime. 

Investors can also earn big by simply holding on to their QUBE or staking them to earn more. QUBE is presently undervalued at $0.0224 and analysts expect them to be valued at over $1 once tokens are released on exchanges. 

Dogecoin (DOGE) investors prepare for moon mission

Dogecoin investors are hoping to see an exponential price surge when the DOGE-1 mission takes off in February. The mission was initially planned for January but was postponed due to bad weather. 

The DOGE-1 mission is fully funded by the popular cryptocurrency and it was brought together by Space X and Geometric Energy Corp.  The mission aims to learn more about the moon’s geography and resources for future exploration. 

There’s a good chance the launch of the DOGE-1 mission will push prices upward since it’s hard to see Elon Musk resisting the urge to tweet about what has been his favorite meme coin. Musk’s tweets have historically had a considerable impact on DOGE prices. 

Chainlink (LINK) prices expected to surge in 2024

Chainlink’s protocol allows for the creation of hybrid smart contracts that use data from external feeds for their computations. Its services play a role in training many AI models and that should send an influx of new users to its ecosystem, pushing prices upward. 


QUBE, LINK, and DOGE are three of the best cryptos to invest in right now. QUBE is positioned to enjoy the most growth as the AI revolution pushes forward and over $1.5 trillion enters the industry.

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