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Doge Rush Token Will Pump Faster than BTC, ETH, and DOGE in 2023 – Here’s Why


Doge Rush is the world’s first P2E single-player mobile runner game with NFT assets, Collectible coins have been a feature in side-scrolling runners from the beginning; Sonic Dash had rings, and Super Mario had coins. What if those coins were real, bonafide currency? Doge Rush rewards you for every coin you collect with the opportunity to pile up $DR coins for in-game prizes and real-world cash. In our groundbreaking P2E runner, every coin you collect in-game goes right to your wallet at the end of the level. For the first time, play a hilarious side-scrolling runner that’s worth your time—literally

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You play as Doge. Your mission? Escape Elon Musk while dashing through the derelict subways of a dystopian underworld. Yeah, Doge Rush has serious meme potential. Control Doge by swiping up, down, left, and right to collect coins while you evade Elon’s clutches. As you progress through the game, the pace grows faster; more obstacles get in your way. The harder the game gets, the better your opportunity to earn points, and as a result, more crypto. Doge Rush has a variety of unique characters with upgradable NFT skins, which differ in prices and est. ROI that players will get. Upgrade your character to higher levels, fuse it with another one to boost your earnings from playing, or sell it to other players via the Doge Rush marketplace

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Play and Earn crypto in the free-to-play mode or amplify your earnings by acquiring NFTs which differ in rarity and estimated ROI.

>>Get Doge Rush On Presale Now<<<

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