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Dog boarding: What and What Not?

Dog boarding is a very common service availed by many dog owners these days. They are
simply temporary living places for the dogs to stay when the owner happens to be traveling
or not at home. But choosing a dog boarding institution demands a certain amount of
attention and monitoring to ensure the happiness and well-being of the dogs. The major
things to look for in dog boarding are mentioned below:

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Dig deep
Collect as much information as possible about the dog boarding that you are planning to
depend on. It is better to ask for your vet to recommend a reputed place and then find the
practices at the place including whether they put the dogs in crates most of the time.
Because, the dogs may have a hard time adjusting to a crate in a strange place and thus, it is
better to find a place where the dogs are mostly maintained in an open environment.

Provisions of walking the dog
It is always better to provide maximum time for the dogs to spend outside walking or
playing and so, the number of times that the boarding offers to walk the dog should be
asked also check whether the premises are fenced to have the dog a safe walk.

Nutritious diet
Chances are high for the dogs to have digestive issues when they are subjected to different
types of food at the boarding and home. So, check with the boarding whether they allow
food from home to be given to the dog so that it doesn’t have to accustom to an unknown

Health management
It is ideal to pick a boarding where all the daily records regarding the food and water intake
of the dogs are properly kept and a routine checkup of a reputed vet is provided. Also, try to
enquire whether they permit the service of the dog’s vet if found necessary.

Find a boarding where the social skills of a dog are promoted by letting it have playtime with
other dogs. It would be ideal for the dogs to have a chance to interact with other dogs and
learn to co-exist. Check with the boarding and ensure that the dogs are not put on a leash
during playtime.


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