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Does Your Office Need an Upgrade?

The answer is more often than you think. Offices can start to look stale and out of date pretty quickly, which doesn’t do you any favors when it comes to retaining and attracting good talent or impressing clients and vendors. Here are a few hints that your office needs a fresh face:


Have you been growing? Growth is amazing – it’s the name of the game, actually. Every time you grow, you add employees, you add equipment, and you add other stuff. This usually involves a bit of a band aid approach, which over time can really start to cause problems and look bad. If you’ve been growing, chances are, it’s time to rip the Band-Aid off and redesign your office space. 


Office spaces really need to have a modern look; vintage – unless it’s vintage with a distinctly modern vibe – is never a good look for an office space. Shabby office furniture, faded colors, dim lighting, and out-of-date décor do not inspire confidence. Crisp, clean, modern offices make a positive first impression and let folks know from the moment they step in the door that you’re professional and on the ball. If folks can tell exactly which decade your last office design was done, it’s time for a redo. 


Your office space communicates your brand and your company culture to everyone who enters. Or, at least, it needs to. Everything, from colors to furniture and lighting to meeting spaces, communicates who you are and what you stand for. The design of your office space should never be an afterthought; careful, thoughtful office design is a powerful tool for creating a building a brand image. If your space isn’t doing that in a positive way, it’s redesign time. 


Office design has a significant impact on productivity and communication in your space. Noisy, crowded, cluttered work areas make focus and collaboration difficult, if not impossible. Talk to your commercial interior products supplier about design choices that will enhance the work style in your office. They will help you incorporate private work areas, conference rooms, collaboration areas, break rooms, outdoor work spaces, and any other zones you and your team need to do their best work. 

Good Talent

Your company needs to attract and retain great people and great people want to work in comfortable offices where they can be productive and develop their talents. If that’s not what’s happening in your office, you need an upgrade. 

Don’t wait. Upgrade your commercial interior today.

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