Does Surfshark Work For Netflix in UK – How Can Anyone Watch Netflix With VPN?  


The Streaming Wars are in full force and one of the most popular streaming services is Netflix. In many ways, people do Netflix as the original streaming service. Now, Netflix has become a powerful force across the entire world. They have programming that has been reserved for specific geographic locations, such as the United Kingdom.

On the other hand, this also means that some programming that is available to viewers outside the UK may not be available to viewers inside the UK. Fortunately, there are ways to get around these geographic location blockers. That is where a VPN can be helpful. If you are looking for a VPN, learn more about Surfshark for UK Netflix.

Why Does Netflix Block Certain Content?

First, a lot of people are wondering why Netflix blocks certain content in the first place. Netflix has contracts in place with various media providers all over the world. Even though they may own the rights to some programming within the UK, they may not own the rights to that programming outside the UK.

For example, viewers inside the United Kingdom can watch movies from the famous Studio Ghibli animation studio, which is based in Japan. They are known for movies such as:

  • Spirited Away
  • Howl’s Moving Castle
  • My Neighbor Totoro
  • Castle in the Sky

On the other hand, Netflix does not own the rights to these films outside of the United Kingdom. For example, they are owned by Disney in the United States. In Japan, they are still owned by Studio Ghibli itself. Netflix does not want to be accused of breaking contracts or licensing agreements. Therefore, they do not allow viewers outside the United Kingdom to watch these movies through their service.

A VPN Gets Around Geographic Location Blockers for Netflix

In short, Netflix does not want people watching content that has not been made available to them in their geographic area. That is for a VPN can be helpful. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. This service can be used to scramble your IP address, making you nearly anonymous when you use the internet.

In addition, VPN providers have access to servers that have been scattered all over the world. Therefore, you can scramble your IP address and connect to a server that is located in a different country. Then, it will look like your IP address is coming from a different geographic location than the one in which you are actually located.

For example, if you wanted to connect to a server located in the United States, you can make it look like you were browsing in the United States instead of the UK. The same is true in the reverse manner as well. Then, you can access Netflix streaming content that has been made available in that specific geographic location.

Finally, particularly if you are looking to stream Netflix, you can also use a VPN to conceal your bandwidth usage. This will prevent your internet provider from throttling your connection speeds.

Use a VPN To Watch All of Netflix’s Content

Ultimately, if you connect to the right server in the right geographic location, a VPN will allow you to watch any content on Netflix that you desire. Even though Netflix is working hard to block certain IP addresses that are associated with VPN connections, VPN providers are working hard to stay ahead of the game. If you pay for Netflix, you want to be able to watch all of its content. A VPN can help you do exactly that.

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