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Does Rare Carat Offer a Wide Range of Diamond Shapes and Sizes?

When shopping for the perfect diamond engagement ring, one of the most important factors to consider is finding a stone with the ideal cut, clarity, color, and carat weight to match your budget. With so many diamond shapes and sizes to choose from, this can feel overwhelming for many ring shoppers. Fortunately, Rare Carat makes finding high-quality diamonds easy with their industry-leading online marketplace.

As America’s #1 source for unbiased diamond buying advice, Rare Carat provides access to over a million natural and lab-grown diamond listings from trusted retailers. Their platform allows you to instantly compare diamonds side-by-side so you can find the best price for your dream ring. But does Rare Carat offer a decent selection of different diamond shapes and sizes? 

Yes! Rare Carat is a highly trusted source for diamond rings, with a 4.9/5 rating on Trustpilot built over 5,000+ independent customer reviews, you can review the is rare carat legit on trustpilot?. Their commitment to transparency, education, and finding consumers diamond deals sets them apart as a legitimate industry leader.

Digging Into the Details on Diamond Shapes

Round brilliant diamonds are the most classic and popular shape, making up about 75% of all diamond purchases. Their fiery sparkle and symmetrical faceting lend to timeless appeal. Princess cuts are the second most sought after shape thanks to their stunning brilliance. The sharp, clean lines of princess cut diamonds reflect light beautifully.

Besides round and princess cuts, Rare Carat also provides listings for fancy diamond shapes like ovals, pears, cushions, emeralds, asschers, radiants, hearts, and marquises. The stretched out teardrop shape of oval and pear diamonds elongates the finger. Meanwhile, cushion and emerald cuts offer vintage charm. 

Asscher and radiant diamonds have elegant trimmed corners. Heart shaped diamonds make the ultimate romantic gesture, while long marquise cuts create a slenderizing effect.

Rare Carat’s wide range of diamond shapes ensures you can find the ideal sparkler to match your style. Their inventory filters allow you to specifically browse your favorite cuts while comparing prices across their network.

Understanding Diamond Sizes

Diamond size is measured in carat weight, indicating the physical mass of the stone. One carat equals about 6.5 milligrams or 0.2 grams. While carat provides the weight, the actual visible size of a diamond depends on the dimensions, cut proportions, and depth percentage. A well-cut 1 carat diamond may face up larger than a poorly cut stone of the same weight.

On Rare Carat, you can filter diamond listings by carat weight to compare stones of the same size. Their inventory includes tiny diamonds under 0.25 carats, to impressively large 10 carat diamond rings and beyond.

Small Diamonds Under 1 Carat

Diamonds between 0.25 to 0.75 carats remain reasonably affordable for many shoppers. These smaller diamonds around a 1/4 to 3/4 of a carat make beautiful engagement rings and stacking bands. A 0.50-carat round diamond is about 5mm wide, while a 0.75-carat approaches 6mm.

Rare Carat has over 568,000 GIA/AGS certified and natural diamonds listed under one carat in weight, ensuring plenty of choice. Filter by your budget, shape preference, clarity, and color parameters to find the perfect diminutive diamond.

With a laser focus on security, education, and value, Rare Carat has firmly established itself as the safest place to buy diamonds online. Their vetted list of authorized retailers guarantees certified diamond quality while competitive price comparisons save shoppers 30% off traditional jewelers. Rare Carat also backs every purchase with a lifetime warranty and complimentary access to Jewelers Mutual insurance for routine maintenance.

1 Carat Diamonds

The magic one carat mark holds major significance for diamond buyers. One carat diamond rings provide ideal finger coverage with maximized sparkle. A well-cut round one carat diamond measures around 6.5mm in diameter. Princess, cushion, asscher, and emerald cuts generally face up a bit larger.

As the most popular carat weight, you can browse 134,000+ natural one carat diamonds on Compare across color grades, clarities, cuts, and shapes while benefiting from their price comparison technology.

Diamonds Between 1-2 Carats

For major bling factor, consider diamond rings between 1 to 2 carats. These dazzlers average 6.5mm to over 8mm wide, making a bold jewelry statement. Fancy yellow, pink, and blue diamonds also become obtainable around this size range.

Rare Carat currently stocks over 112,000 GIA/AGS certified diamonds listed between 1 and 2 carat weights. Filter according to your budget range for the best value.

Multi-Carat Diamond Rings

At 3 carats and above, these showstopping diamonds command maximum fire, sparkle, and presence. A round 3 carat diamond generally measures around 8.5mm in diameter with approx. 1.5mm depth. Other shapes like cushions and princess cuts take on even more finger coverage around this size.

Only the highest clarity stones can achieve such large diamond proportions without visible inclusions. Expect rising prices above 1 carat as size increases. While still costly, comparing options on Rare Carat can help uncover price fluctuations between retailers. Make sure to invest in a premium cut grade for optimal light performance.

Rare Carat offers thousands of certified natural diamonds over 3 carats, including:

  • 15,600+ 3-carat diamonds
  • 3,800+ 4-carat diamonds
  • Over 1,000 diamonds 5 carats and up
  • 37 diamonds over 10 carats!

The largest listed on is a massive 20.53 carat round diamond rated E color and VVS2 clarity. Valued at over $2 million, this showstopper would create the world’s most impressive engagement ring!

Browse by Diamond Clarity

Diamond clarity indicates the absence of inclusions and blemishes inside the stone. Grades range from Flawless (FL) and Internally Flawless (IF) for a clean appearance, down to Included diamonds with visible imperfections (I1-I3).

For diamond shoppers on a budget, consider clarity grades like SI1-SI2 (Slightly Included) which represent great value. Well-placed minute inclusions are difficult to see with the naked eye, especially if the stone sparkles brightly. Rare Carat allows you to sort by clarity grade, so you can compare diamond prices and optimize within your preferred range.

Verifying Cut Quality

A diamond’s cut quality impacts its brilliance and fire. Rare Carat only partners with retailers adhering to GIA or AGS cut standards. This includes optimal ranges for crown angles, pavilion depth percentages, table sizes, and more. Details like facet symmetry and polish are also graded.

Rather than overly shallow or deep proportions, insist upon GIA Excellent or AGS 0 Ideal graded diamonds. Rare Carat lists the certified cut grade for each diamond, helping guarantee light performance. Certain brands like Blue Nile Further optimize with their Signature Ideal and True Hearts cuts.

Diamond Color Options

Diamond color visually ranges along a scale beginning with D-F (colorless) down through G-J (near-colorless) into K-Z diamonds carrying faint yellow tints. While D-F white diamonds are exceptionally rare and expensive, color grades G through J remain affordable while facing up white.

Rare Carat enables you to filter diamond listings by color to compare pricing sweet spots. Consider dropping just one or two color grades down to potentially save money while retaining the same visual appeal. Fluorescence can also help cancel out yellow tones. Discuss options with your concierge or try home previews to see color differences in real life.

Natural vs Lab Grown Diamonds

Alongside natural diamonds sourced from mines, Rare Carat also lists high quality lab grown diamonds. These have the same optical and chemical composition for a fraction of the price. Sort by diamond origin to shop both categories. Customers particularly love Rare Carat’s tool comparing natural vs lab diamonds side by side.

Rare Carat sets itself apart as a trusted source for unbiased diamond advice – including both lab and natural options. Let their industry experts walk you through the differences to determine the best fit for your budget.

Rare Carat Shopping Experience

Now that you know Rare Carat stocks an excellent variety of diamond shapes, sizes, and other characteristics – let’s discuss more about the actual shopping experience.

The largest diamond ring they sold on is a mammoth 20.53 carat round brilliant diamond set in a stunning ring. Valued at over 2 million dollars, this extremely rare E-color VVS2 clarity diamond would create the world’s most jaw-dropping engagement ring centerpiece. Besides this showstopper, Rare Carat provides over 1,000 diamond rings 5 carats, and larger to browse from across their retail partners.

Streamlined Search & Comparison

Rare Carat lets you filter GIA/AGS certified diamonds according to your exact shape, carat weight range, clarity, and color parameters. Instantly view and compare diamond listings side-by-side rather than clicking between dozens of retailer sites. This saves enormous time while granting you bargaining power to negotiate the best market price.

Instead of combining individual brand inventories, RareCarat aggregates over 1 million diamonds across their vetted network of retailers. New stones are added daily. Choose from nationally recognized stores like Blue Nile, James Allen, and Brian Gavin Diamonds to specialized boutiques like Distinctive Gem and Whiteflash.

Wish List Feature

Easily keep track of your favorite diamonds by hearting them to create a wish list. Access your wish list from any device while you continue your search. Share with friends or your Rare Carat diamond concierge.

Free Home Previews

Order free home previews of select diamonds to see hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of stones delivered straight to your door. Examine diamonds hands-on under different lighting conditions before deciding what to purchase. Home previews allow you to judge size, sparkle and color accuracy outside a jewelry store environment. This unique service is extremely convenient for shoppers wavering between final contenders.

Direct Jeweler Connections

Discuss any questions in a live web chat, email or over the phone with Rare Carat’s team of GIA graduates and gemologists. Their experts offer unbiased guidance every step of the way, from initial education through securing the best deals. Benefit from Rare Carat’s direct connections with leading jewelers to receive priority access and special offers.

High Customer Satisfaction

With a Trustpilot score of 4.9 out of 5 from over 5,000 reviews, Rare Carat buyers continue leaving delighted testimonials about their first-class experience. Besides cost savings, customers rave about friendly support along with the fun and ease of finding their dream diamonds. Rare Carat takes all complications out of the process so you can simply focus on choosing the perfect ring.

Lifetime Warranty

On top of widespread acclaim over pricing and service, every Rare Carat diamond purchase is backed by a lifetime warranty ensuring you shop worry-free. Insure and protect your diamond or jewelry with routine cleanings, rhodium plating, repairs, and more through their partners at Jewelers Mutual Group. Enjoy complete confidence and security with the Rare Carat shopping experience.

Unbeatable Value At the end of the day, Rare Carat’s core advantage lies in sourcing quality diamonds at the year’s lowest prices. Shoppers save an average of 30% off traditional jewelers. Besides better pricing, you also get to avoid old-school sales pressure. Feel empowered browsing beautiful diamonds from the comfort of your home before only purchasing once ready.

Between widespread inventory across various shapes and sizes, transparent education, handy search tools plus home previews, Rare Carat simplifies the process to get more diamonds for your money. Take advantage of their connection with leading retailers to secure exclusive diamond deals unavailable elsewhere.


Rare Carat offers extensive choices across diamond shapes, sizes, clarities, colors, and origins. No matter your specific criteria for the perfect diamond ring, explore their robust marketplace of over one million certified natural and lab grown gems. Comparison shop multiple parameters at once to uncover the best pricing from dominant retailers. If still unsure between final options, take advantage of complimentary home previews for that ultimate confidence during a major purchase decision.

With dedicated industry experts guiding your journey, access to new diamond deals daily plus a lifetime warranty backing every purchase, feel fully supported shopping with America’s top destination for unbiased diamond education and savings. Discover your dazzling, dream diamond at rare-carat-safe today!

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