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Does Mass Texting Work? Everything You Need to Know to Achieve Success

Marketing your brand can be tricky when you’re reaching out to a massive audience. It can be challenging to balance out practicality with making sure that your texts don’t seem like just a tedious copy and paste.

While you’ll likely have to copy and paste your mass text messages anyway, to keep your head screwed on straight, there are a few key ways to make sure your mass text messaging campaign goes off without a hitch.

How Should I Sound in My Text Campaign?

It’s difficult to tease out exactly how you should sound in your marketing copy, whether you’re using a mass text messaging campaign. However, you should make sure that you hit a few critical points to avoid sounding like a robot over text.

Utilize Your Brand Voice

Whenever you start a marketing campaign, make sure that you still sound like your company’s main voice. For example, are you usually professional or clinical in your sound? How much technical verbiage do you use with your average customers? Or do you typically have a more friendly tone with your clients?

Whatever you do in your mass text messages, it’s vital that customers can read the first part of your messages and know instantly that your company is the one that’s speaking.

Avoid Text Speak

You don’t want to sound like a robot over a text message. While potential customers might logistically know that they’re receiving mass text messages from you, they don’t necessarily need to be reminded of it every time you send out a message. So be sure that you don’t use clunky language.

Especially if it isn’t in your brand’s voice, don’t be throwing around a “lol,” even if you think it’s ironic. Remember that you’re still a brand or company and still trying to have a professional relationship here. Even if your tone is friendly, you aren’t friends with potential clients.


Again, it isn’t easy to ensure that your customers don’t feel like they’re getting the same message as everyone else. So consider making separate texting lists with different mass text copy so that your customers know you care about them.

Did one set of customers express a lot of interest in a particular clothing drop or product that you put out? Do some clients tend to respond better to some categories of copy than others? Be sure to consider those different elements.

This can even include sending things depending on time zones. If you want someone to see something after they get off of work, make sure that you aren’t accidentally sending them a text when it’s 2 a.m. their time.

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