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Does Gaming Harm Your Eyes?

In present times, gaming has broken all the barriers. Today, people from all age brackets are playing games, in some form or the other. It is no longer limited to being just a fun activity, but now you can also earn a living by playing games, as a lot of avenues have opened up in the gaming industry where you can pursue a professional career. We have got to thank digitalization for this feat.

There is no doubt that gaming is one of the most enjoyable pastime activities and goes a long way in uplifting our mood and breaking any sort of monotony. But we also need to be mindful of the health concerns associated with our eyes that come along with gaming. This can be attributed to an increase in screen time.

Unhealthy screen time

Our dependence on digital screens for even some of the basic day-to-day activities has pushed up our screen time. Any other activity such as gaming only adds more to it. 

Exposure to digital screens in sufficient amounts is not unhealthy, but there is definitely a threshold beyond which it might get problematic. Our primary focus should be not to exceed this threshold. However, at times, it might not be possible to do so, and hence, we should adopt other preventive methods too.

One of the popularised preventive methods is gaming glasses. Last week, while looking for online specs over one of the famous eyewear sites, I was really amazed by the huge collection of gaming glasses that were available. In the later stages of this write-up, we will look into the effectiveness of gaming glasses.

But why is the increase in screen time a concern? It is to do with blue light. Among the various components of light in the visible spectrum, blue light is the one with a relatively higher frequency. 

Digital screens are one of the most common artificial sources emitting blue light. Due to the increasing use of digital screens, it has grabbed the attention of medical experts who are studying the effect of blue light on the eyes. What is the effect of blue light on our eyes? 

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Is blue light harmful to our eyes?

Blue light – when received in the right amount – is not harmful to our eyes. However, there are certain circumstances under which blue light might pose some risks. 

Conditions such as eye strain, dry eyes, headaches, and fatigue might result from exposure to blue light in excessive amounts or even during exposure under dim light conditions. Also, exposure before going to sleep can result in disturbance of the circadian rhythm – our body’s natural sleep and wake cycle.

Role of gaming glasses 

Gaming glasses are effective in reducing our exposure to blue light by a significant amount, thereby eliminating the risks that blue light might pose. 

These glasses come with a blue light protective coating. The purpose of this coating is to block the blue light incident on the surface of the lenses from striking our eyes. And that’s why they are more popularly known as blue-light-blocking glasses.

For all those who have significant exposure to digital screens, blue light glasses are one of the most important accessories to ensure your digital wellbeing. And if you are a gamer, they are a must-have.

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Where to buy gaming glasses

Over the online medium, you will find an amazing collection of gaming glasses. These pairs will not only help you protect your eyes in style but also keep it light on your pockets with their budget-friendly prices. However, before you buy your gaming glasses online, here are certain things to keep in mind, which will ensure you have a worthwhile shopping experience.

Do make it a point to scroll through multiple sites to arrive at your final pair, to avoid regrets later on. If you wear prescription glasses, you can get a blue light protective coating applied to them. You just need to send them for reglazing, and it is just the lenses that will be replaced and the frames will remain the same.

Before buying your glasses, it is important that you try them on. This is possible from the comforts of your home as well, through the home trial feature for online specs. So go ahead and select the pairs of gaming glasses that you wish to buy and take a first-hand experience by playing your favorite game by putting them on. Once you are totally satisfied, you can finalize your purchase.

If you have an urgent requirement, you can try out next day glasses. As the name suggests, these glasses are delivered the very next day after you have placed the order. 

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