Does Bryan Legend have what it takes as the CEO of Clever DeFi?

Clever DeFi

The cryptocurrency industry has developed into a multibillion-dollar industry in the past decade. During this period, several men and women have worked to build projects and foster crypto projects in different sectors.

Bryan Legend, the CEO of CLEVER DEFI, is among these stakeholders who have dedicated the past decade towards developing blockchain-based projects. Bryan Legend is an Australian entrepreneur that has made a name for himself in the cryptocurrency sector.

Legend became involved in cryptocurrency eight years ago and has not looked back, using his strengths to continue pursuing innovations in the blockchain space. Starting in the sales sector, Legend honed his skills as a negotiator and became a sales expert.

He further expanded his repertoire by moving into social media marketing and founded his first firm TWILX, which delivered online-based services to businesses. During this period was when he discovered blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

His investments in cryptocurrencies have made him a self-made millionaire with a net worth of at least 3.5 million over the years. Today, Bryan Legend is regarded as an experienced and versatile businessman and has focused on the decentralized finance sector.

The entrepreneur has always been fascinated by the use of decentralized finance (DeFi) to provide different finance services. DeFi is a new concept that exploded in 2020 and is regarded as the fastest growing sector in the cryptocurrency industry.

Bryan Legend seeks to bring an innovation that offers guaranteed interests to token holders based on smart contracts and blockchain technology. This idea gave rise to CLEVER DeFi, which was launched in the third quarter of 2020.

What Is CLEVER DeFi 

CLEVER DeFi is a decentralized protocol that offers token holders interest payment of up to 11% every fortnight within a fixed period. CLEVER intends to change the traditional way of storing money in the banks by offering better interest rates that surpass banks and traditional stocks, all within a decentralized system.

This is achieved by integrating a Decentralized Distribution Mechanism (DDM) feature within the CLEVER smart contract. The DDM is programmed to work on a fixed cycle schedule of 888 cycles, with each cycle occurring at 14-day intervals. The 888 cycles will end after 34 years offering token holders enough time to make impressive interest on their holdings.

CLEVER is unique with its architectural structure, which is one of a kind within the cryptocurrency industry. The entire system is immutable, making it impossible to change or amend any part of the interest distribution.

CLEVER offers up to 307% for the first 12 months and over ten years will offer token holders an average annual yield earning of 80%. This is more than government Bonds 2.28%, Stock Dividends 2.70%, Real Estate 8.60%, ETFs’s 10.20%, and Bitcoin 13.90%

What Makes CLEVER DeFi Different From Other DeFi Projects 

Clever is one of the first interest payment crypto projects that offer token holders the ability to earn interests without any conditions.

Unlike other projects that force token holders to contracts, lock periods, and conditions. CLVA token holders have complete freedom and can buy, sell or swap their tokens during the interest cycle period.

Another difference is the Zero initial supply policy by the CLEVER team. To ensure that the defi protocol is not manipulated in the future by whales, CLEVER DEFI implemented a unique approach of not pre-minting tokens. Instead, the team gets a fraction of the tokens minted every cycle to develop the ecosystem and build new products.

Clva Launches Minting Phase

CLEVER DeFi launched its 30-day minting phase on February 1st, 2021, and it will run till March 2nd. During this phase, investors can mint CLVA tokens at the best prices from 0.0020 ETH per token to a maximum of 0.0024 ETH per CLVA. Within the space of 6 days, over $700,000 have been minted on the CLEVER Minting Portal.

How to mint CLVA Tokens

  • Minting CLVA tokens is easy to do and takes only a few steps. 
  • The first step is to install the MetaMask extension from the chrome store or firefox store.
  • Click on the Clever Minting Portal
  • Connect to your MetaMask wallet and enter the amount of CLVA tokens desired.
  • Click the button ‘’Mint Tokens,’’ and the minting process begins.
  • Once it is completed, the CLVA tokens minted will be automatically allocated into the MetaMask linked wallet.

In all, Bryan Legend has built a decentralized platform that has immense potential and offers impressive interests. For more details on CLEVER defi, please check the website

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